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Since Last Sunday | The Urban PigGood news! We made an offer on a townhome yesterday and it is officially under contract! We are praying that nothing falls through, and we are still sort of mentally in limbo, waiting for bad news to crush our dreams. I’m sure everything will work out, but it’s hard not to second guess yourself, especially with the horror story-experiences of my friends, hearing how many contracts fall through over time. I know what happens, will happen for the best! But, we are pretty excited about this one.

Yesterday we made an offer on the place, and it was killer having to wait several hours before we heard back. We tried everything to distract ourselves, and ended up watching tv shows from about 2pm-9pm. By 7:00, we had received a counter-offer, and we agreed and signed. We still really won’t know how things will work out until Tuesday, due to a contingency on the sale and offer, but things are looking up. It’s so hard for me to not start planning paint colors and decor and ideas, but I don’t want to be let down later, so I am doing everything I can to not look at ideas and immediately imagine it happening in that home. It’s tough!

Eventually, I plan to share some of our experiences of house hunting, and tips from what we learned. It can be a pretty daunting thing, especially for your first time, and I hope by sharing what we went through will help others going through the process, too.

Until next time!


Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday | The Urban PigWhat started as a seemingly slow week ended with a fun and adventurous weekend with Connor’s mom and step-dad. There are still days that I sort of forget that we live in Colorado and I find myself thinking how surreal it is when our families actually have to fly over several states to come visit us, rather than drive an hour and a half. I guess it still hasn’t settled in my mind. Friday, I picked Connor’s parents up from the airport and we met Connor for dinner and spent the evening catching up. It was foggy, cold, and a bit rainy that day, of course our Washington families typically bring some rain with them when they visit. Thankfully, though, the rest of the weekend was absolutely stunner — sunny and warm, so we made the most of it and spent time outside. We climbed the Castle Rock again at Rock Park, visited a few downtown antique shops, made a quick stop by a pumpkin patch with giant pumpkins, spent some time at the arcades of Dave and Busters (again, Connor’s new favorite place), ate up a lot and spent lots of time chatting away. I will share more pictures this week. I am also pretty excited because we finished their interviews for our genealogy book we are making, so just one step closer! Now we have some additional work to do for that.

It always seems that when it’s just me and Connor hanging out, the weekends fly by, but when family visits, time slows down a bit, even though we become busier than ever, trying to cram so much into such little time. Then it always makes me sad when Sunday rolls around, because that means it’s time to say goodbye again, and then back to the work week. The good news is, hopefully the house hunting will start back up in the next week or two! Does life ever slow down?

Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday| The Urban Pig

I finally am getting caught up! Well, of course my list of things I want to accomplish is ongoing and never truly ends. But I was able to finish two craft projects this week, grocery shop so we can try some new recipes to add to our cookbook (if they are worthy), and get some cleaning done. Even still, I always feel like there are ten more lists I need to make, with so many changes and things to do.

Things are finally one step further with our home-buying and lender situation, as well. Because Connor has no credit history, and I have very little, we had to jump through some hoops to get a credit score for him. In a round-about way, this required us to get a Costco membership, so I thought this was important to mention that we feel all adult-like now. Haha. Anyway, hopefully in the next month we will have an approval-letter in hand, and be making an offer on our future home! Then the party will truly begin.

In the meantime, I am trying to keep my mind busy with the little tasks as well as the little pleasures. I am excited to share these with you in the coming week! Stay tuned :)

Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday | The Urban Pig

Some of you may have heard about the flash floods in Colorado this week. I watched several news videos, mainly from the cities up North. It is sad to see the damages the floods have caused and the things people have lost. Our family was fortunate enough to not experience that kind of loss. It has been raining a ton, and traffic is tough. So many accidents from bad visibility of the downpours. Despite the seriousness of the flooding, I can’t help but be happy for the change of seasons that comes with the rain. I have always taken comfort in the storm.

In Spokane, we were very protected from natural disasters, except the occasional earthquake. Colorado has a longer list of disasters it is capable of, including flash floods and a few tornadoes. As always, it depends where you are located in the state. I hope I never see a tornado. I always said how I would never want to live in a place with the possible risk of large disasters. But now, I understand when people say it doesn’t matter because it’s your home. I get that now. The occasional damage shouldn’t discourage us from being in a beautiful place we call home. You learn to take precautions to protect yourself and keep safe. Of course, there will always be times that things are out of our hands, and so I pray for those who have lost their homes and loved ones over this last week, and pray for the cities to be protected in the coming days and weeks.

For news, videos, and updates on the floods, click here.

Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday | The Urban PigRemember at the beginning of the week how I wrote about Moving Forward and making changes in life to the things I am unsatisfied with? I have been thinking a lot more about this idea. I started by writing a list (oh, lists) of things I want to change and things I want to do, and for each item, I brainstormed ways of making it happen. It provided a lot of clarity on the specific things causing me stress, unhappiness, etc. It allowed me to pinpoint these items exactly and focus on ways in my power that I can do to make them better. Since writing this list, I have started making those changes, and although it still takes some patience for each aspect to work itself out, I feel more in control of each situation (which always helps) and it feels nice going back to the goal-setting and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Example A: This whole home-buying thing. Totally stressing me out. Mainly because we aren’t finding our dream home. Typical first-time home buyers, I know. So this morning, we re-organized priorities and really talked each thing out. We came up with this awesome idea of a weighted point system, so when we see a house we like, we can basically “score” it according to our criteria we came up with, and it will help us be a little more objective on such an emotional process. I get attached to things too quickly, so this is what I need to guide us in our decisions. I might share this rubric we created at a later time. We will see how it works, first!

Anyway, looking at each item in my life individually rather than being stressed out about life as a whole has helped so much. I just wanted to update you all on that, and maybe you will find it helpful to break things down and build them up as well. In the meantime, we stopped yesterday to celebrate Connor’s birthday at Dave and Busters. He was so excited to have not just one, but two in Colorado, especially coming from a town where they played the commercials, but didn’t have a location anywhere near us. He wants to make it a birthday tradition. Even I will admit, it was a pretty fun place. Good food, fun games, good service. Can’t be beat!

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