Adaptive Reuse & Sustainability


[image via Aaron Leitz Photography]

One of my favorite aspects of sustainable design is adaptive reuse of a building. For example, one of the internships I had was for an architecture firm whose workplace was in an old historic library. I love seeing the character of an old building combined with new and modern elements. It creates such a striking balance.

You could actually say that my excitement for sustainable design started sooner than this semester’s restaurant project which I talked about on Tuesday. It technically started (at least) last semester during the Leadership in Design class I am taking. We were asked to come up with a project for us to work on which obviously incorporated: leadership and design. I was really inspired by this talk by Project H, in part by the youth component and also because where I live in Pullman now, nearby towns are facing the “symptoms” that Emily Pilloton talks about. I proposed to the leadership class that we do something similar to Project H. People were enthusiastic about it, and so we have started really implementing it this month.


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