Change of Seasons

Change of Seasons | The Urban Pig[Indigo Crossing]

You know Autumn is coming when I want to pull out my hundreds of sweatshirts and dye my hair dark. Yup, it’s that time. Even though I have been trying to grow out my natural hair color, it just isn’t working because there are still remnants of the past colorings, faded and tattered. At least, this is my excuse to dye my hair soon. It’s funny how different seasons make us ¬†want to change things like this (summer = lighter hair, autumn = darker hair). This is what happens when you have been coloring your hair since before the age of 10. This is what happens when you are a girl.

The weather here in Colorado has been changing, too. Last week it was hot, hot, hot, and yesterday and today have been cooler and wet. I actually wore a sweatshirt yesterday, and a sweater today, and was still a bit cold. I guess I am going to have to dig back into our storage unit and pull out some more clothes! Or, I would be happy if we got a house soon, that would make things a bit easier as well. It’s killing me.

How does your mood and look change with the seasons? How do your activities change? I am so ready for the holidays!

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