Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity | The Urban Pig

Has it really been a month since my last post? Oops. Life really does fly by sometimes. It has been so busy since Thanksgiving; I have been prepping for Christmas and working extra hours. And I have really been meaning to post this for two or three weeks now, and it just kept escaping from my priorities. But, I am back and want to talk about something I have been thinking about and trying to keep in mind lately.

So often in the blogging world, we hear the phrase “quality over quantity” in relation to our blog posts. This phrase has been on my mind, not just in blogging but more with applying it to life.

It seems so common for us to compare ourselves and try to keep up with others, and constantly want more. More clothes, more money, more this or more that. We live in a world where happiness and success is thought to be achieved (and often measured) by the number of things we have. It takes a lot of effort to remind ourselves that this simply is not true. I could think of 100 things in my possession that I could do without and still be happy (and probably not even notice they are missing)! I could think of 1,000 things not in my possession that I will never, ever want or need.

I am trying to be conscious of this concept, especially when browsing Pinterest or out shopping at the store. If I see something I like, I try to go through steps of “appreciation” rather than lust. Recognizing its beauty, appreciating its design, and moving on. Of course, easier said than done (especially around Christmas time), but practice helps.
I also must often remind myself of our future goals and what really matters. Our dream is to have a home, modest and affordable, so we can use our money to raise a family and travel. Reminding myself of our dreams and goals puts me right back on track and helps me to bypass “things.” To me, that speaks of quality over quantity.

Quality Over Quantity | The Urban Pig
Quality Over Quantity | The Urban Pig
I feel as if we put so much pressure on ourselves to have more objects to show for our success. But who really cares? I barely remember what my childhood homes were like or what objects they held inside. But I do have the best memories of traveling the states, camping with my family, and discovering nature and viewing national monuments. A simpler life at home is an easy trade-off for quality experiences. And simpler does not have to mean barren or be a huge sacrifice.

Quality Over Quantity | The Urban Pig
I think it just comes down to understanding, and maybe changing, what happiness truly means.

Newlywed Edition: Managing Money

Managing Finances | The Urban Pig

I would like to think that for our age, Connor and I do pretty well financially. We of course, have our ups and downs and moments of financial stress and penny-pinching, but we always pull through. I was taught at a young age the importance of hard work to earn money and save, which was sometimes difficult as a child when I would want to buy a new barbie doll that day rather than save for a car that I would get in ten years. Nevertheless, I always followed the rule of putting half of what I earned into savings, and sure enough, by my sixteenth birthday, I had a car. It wasn’t the most beautiful and expensive one on the road (read: ’91 Honda Civic Hatchback spray-painted black), but it got me around town and took me to hang out with friends. Something about earning what you have is really fulfilling, which is why I sometimes shake my head when parents go out and buy their children brand new cars for their 16th birthday. I sure as heck won’t! When you earn things yourself, and you take the time and do the work to earn that thing, you treat it better. And even if you don’t, it is still a confidence boost knowing that you did it on your own.


Are You My Home?

the urban pig

[Image via Cush and Nooks]

Despite the need for me to be studying for my upcoming (as in, tomorrow) LEED Green Associate test, half of my brain is just distracted by thoughts of a future home. Connor and I made the fun and exciting mistake of going to an open showing of a cute and colorful house while we were in Bremerton, and since then, I just haven’t been able to get the thing out of my head. Mostly, it’s just the desire to have a more permanent place, and one that we can truly call our own. Now of course, Connor and I don’t plan on buying a house for at least a few more years unless by some miracle something happens. But now after all these feelings I have, it is going to make it even harder to wait for the time to come. Our move-out date for the apartment is the end of next week, so we have been talking a lot about our next steps, and it hasn’t been easy!


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