Change of Seasons

Change of Seasons | The Urban Pig[Indigo Crossing]

You know Autumn is coming when I want to pull out my hundreds of sweatshirts and dye my hair dark. Yup, it’s that time. Even though I have been trying to grow out my natural hair color, it just isn’t working because there are still remnants of the past colorings, faded and tattered. At least, this is my excuse to dye my hair soon. It’s funny how different seasons make us ¬†want to change things like this (summer = lighter hair, autumn = darker hair). This is what happens when you have been coloring your hair since before the age of 10. This is what happens when you are a girl.

The weather here in Colorado has been changing, too. Last week it was hot, hot, hot, and yesterday and today have been cooler and wet. I actually wore a sweatshirt yesterday, and a sweater today, and was still a bit cold. I guess I am going to have to dig back into our storage unit and pull out some more clothes! Or, I would be happy if we got a house soon, that would make things a bit easier as well. It’s killing me.

How does your mood and look change with the seasons? How do your activities change? I am so ready for the holidays!


DIY Round Up

I have had a lot of free time recently, so of course I have started thinking of projects I would like to start, and Pinterest is always my favorite spot to explore. It has been a while since I have shared some design ideas on this blog, so I thought it was a great time to look at a few projects that others are working on and be inspired to start a few myself!

Please note that not all of these projects have tutorials, but many are easy enough to make!

torch repellent diy

[diy tutorial via yeah vintage]

karen o'leary

[product via karen o’leary]


Final Thoughts: Takeaways On Europe

Final Thoughts: Takeaways on Europe | The Urban Pig

There are always things to be learned from travel. It is eye-opening to see other countries, learn about their history, people, and food, and look at how they are similar or different from our own. Experiencing other cultures is always an adventure. There are usually things that I think, “why don’t we have this?” and other times I find things that I just couldn’t live with. Everyone is different and so much is based on our personal lives and experiences, how we grew up, what we are familiar with, and what we might find too unfamiliar or uncomfortable. On that note, I wanted to share my personal list of things I loved in Europe, as well as things I didn’t love so much.


Style: Black and White

black and white style via the urban pig[via skona hem]

I am loving these black and white products or spaces, or little details found around the home, especially in combination with natural touches, such as wood or the insect silhouettes. I’m realizing that sometimes less is more! Time for some spring cleaning?
black and white style via the urban pig

[via Keep]

black and white style via the urban pig

[via weekday carnival]


DIY Goldleaf Glitter Bookends

diy glitter bookends via the urban pig

This DIY project was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, and it was really easy to make and also very fun! These bookends add an interesting texture and a touch of glam to my bookshelves. I also love the combination of the gold leaf applied decoration with the raw and natural clay interior. I feel like that successfully achieves my personal style (natural with a pop of something unexpected). For this project, you will need air-dry clay (I used 7.5 lbs of Crayola white clay), knife, foam brush, water, foam board, gold flakes (I used a 3-gram bag of gold leaf flakes from Artminds), and metal leaf adhesive (I used “Speedball,” a black bottle with a picture of Mona Lisa on the label). I found the gold leaf supplies at Michaels, and bought the Crayola clay from Walmart (Michaels has it too). There are two main parts to this DIY project: the sculpting, and the gilding. It takes up to a few days for the clay to dry, so this is more than a few hours to complete the project. Once you do, though, you will be satisfied!


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