Pretty Pastels for Spring

pretty pastels via the urban pig

[confetti boutonniere via etsy]

It’s finally March and Spring Break is right around the corner! Although the weather here is still unpredictable, there is nothing wrong with a little Spring fever and inspiration. Pastels are typical as a color trend for this time of year, but I am seeing a new addition that could possibly be inspired by the whole ombre thing. Pretty pastels are being combined with something a little less muted and with a little more punch. Honestly, I have never been someone who enjoys pastels, but it’s beginning to grow on me with this new trend! I can see myself using it in small doses around the home and in my closet.

pretty pastels via the urban pig

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Headboard Inspiration & DIY’s

headboard inspiration and diy

[via La Dolce Vita]

I have a little round up of some inspiration and some of the images even have DIY’s at the link if you are interested in building yourself a new headboard!

Living in an apartment, it can be really difficult to do large projects, and unfortunatly for me, there are several of these that I have on my to-do list, just waiting for the time and space to work on them. One of the major projects that I have been considering for quite some time now is to fix up the bed frame that I have had for at least five years. It was actually for a waterbed, but when Connor and I moved in together, we replaced the waterbed with his mattress, which is so much more comfortable. We kept the bedframe for two reasons: 1. He didn’t have a bed frame, 2. It has really awesome storage underneath, three drawers on each side.


Natural Hues via The Dye Lab

Dye Lab via The Urban Pig

There is something to be said about the human curiosity and fascination with nature. Authenticity is attractive. This psychological response to what is real (rather than synthetic) is what inspired me after browsing Shaw Contract Group’s 2012 issue of “Design Is…”

It reminded me of my childhood days adding food coloring to water and watching the swirling liquids separate and then slowly blend together. It also reminds me of more recent times when Connor orders coffee at a restaurant and he pours milk into the clear cup. I watch with wide eyes how the creamy white milk harmonizes with the rich dark brown and together they create a lighter camel color. These are two experiences that bring me joy in watching nature take its course. I can’t imagine the delight during Shaw Contact Group’s dye lab experiments, creating the wide range of organic colors they developed by surprise when using different materials and pigments.

Dye Lab via The Urban Pig


DIY Scrapbook Journal

DIY scrapbook journal via The Urban Pig

You can use this DIY project as a sketchbook, journal, scrapbook, and more! I am using mine as a combination for inspiration pieces. As much as I love Pinterest (seriously, I love Pinterest) – sometimes I like to just have something tangible in front of me to touch, feel, and arrange. I will have magazine cut-outs, little notes of my thoughts, or whatever else that I would like to include in my inspiration scrapbook.


Pattern Play

I am definitely no expert when it comes to fashion, but I think in most cases, trends seen in fashion are often seen in home decor. One of these trends lately seems to be mixing patterns. Whether it is stripes, polka dots, animal print, tribal print, plaid, or something else, it is really easy to pair patterns into great combinations. For me personally, whether it be when I choose textiles for a design project or my outfit in the morning, I like to lay things out and experiment until it look right. But I also thought for a fun post I would share a few techniques that might make the process a little easier.

Tips to Mix & Match Patterns | The Urban Pig

[Caitlin Wilson Textiles]


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