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Rooting for Yourself | The Urban Pig

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This week, there were a couple instances where I found myself being full-heartedly cheered on by a stranger. Each time started with a short conversation and for some reason, ended with the person showing their excitement for what I am doing and cheering me on to keep going, even when I think I am crazy. It is funny how a person we hardly know can be our biggest advocates and believe so much in what we are doing, especially when in our own minds we have so many doubts and worries. I felt so amazing after those conversations, thinking to myself, “Yes, I CAN do this!”

Yes, my friends, we can accomplish anything we set our hearts to. Today, I want to be your advocate and cheer you on. I want to let you know that I believe in your wildest dreams and I know you can make them happen if you truly desire to do so!


Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams | The Urban Pig

Pipe Dreams | The Urban Pig

Since moving back to Spokane from Denver, I have really only had one thing planned — spend time with family. I definitely missed them while we were away, and summer was the perfect time for Connor and I to return (most everyone was on vacation from school and work). Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end. Everyone is preparing to get back to the daily grind, and even Connor started working again. All of a sudden, I found myself sitting at home by myself, left trying to figure out what’s next for me.

All of this was already in motion when I got an email from Kabbage* asking me to take part in their campaign. Kabbage* is a provider of small business loans, and their campaign is all about sharing dreams. They asked me — “what are your goals for the future?” and “how do you plan to fulfill them?” Well, I’d like to think that everything in life happens for a reason and after a fairly disappointing letdown while job-searching, I was left pondering what I planned to do to move forward. A lot of ideas had been bounced around, but I feel like there is nothing better than an essay or blog post to really think deeper and make those thoughts and ideas become a reality. So for that, I would like to thank Kabbage* for reaching out to me because their timing couldn’t have been any better in giving me the push I needed to re-evaluate my dreams.

Pipe Dreams | The Urban Pig

Pipe Dreams | The Urban Pig

“You’re an artist, man. Your job is to break through barriers. Not accept blame and bow and say thank you, I’m a loser, I’ll go away now… You want to be really great? Then have the courage to fail big and stick around. Make ’em wonder why you’re still smiling. That’s true greatness to me.”
-Claire from the movie Elizabethtown

So, I didn’t get the job, but was that meant to be? I have always wanted to have my own business. Maybe this situation is a blessing in disguise, telling me to get started now, rather than the alternative: it never happening. After much thought, I realized starting my own interior design business could potentially solve all of the dilemmas I have recently been facing. I have been so sucked in to what is normal to society (i.e. the 40 hour work week) and I have become less and less happy with such little time I am able to spend with my husband and family. My dream business allows me to break free of society’s “norm” regarding hours spent at work (working from home to be around my family), having flexibility when business is done (scheduled around family time and vacations), and having passion for each of my hand-picked design projects. I want to be the one determining how my life is spent. I don’t need much, but my hope is to grow my business just enough for me to provide my family a home, enriching adventures, and a life full of life!

Pipe Dreams | The Urban Pig

Pipe Dreams | The Urban Pig

Steps to Reach My Dreams:

  1. Build a Brand & Business Model
  2. Invest in Myself: Purchase software, supplies, and equipment <—Kabbage* can help with their business loans!
  3. Network: Get my name out there, build a client base.
  4. Nail It: Put my heart into every project I have the opportunity to work on.
  5. Market It: Use projects to advertise and gain interest from potential clients.
  6. Grow It: Continue to build and define my brand, invest in what I need, network, nail it, and market it!

I definitely realize it will be a lot of work at first. But I hope to hit the ground running and have it a bit more refined in a few years. I think the initial sacrifice will prove to be more than worth it in the end. It’s about realizing a necessary part of life (work) doesn’t have to take over our lives. In fact, I hope for it to be a pathway to more simple living. More family living. More life at home living.

*Non-affiliate link. Thoughts and opinions shared are ALWAYS 100% my own.

Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday | The Urban PigWell, as of yesterday, I’m 22 now. Dang! People are going to laugh and be like, “you are still so young!” Of course, I always have been the baby of my friends, up until I met Connor. Always the youngest in school, last to get my license, all that stuff. But now, I feel so stinkin’ old. Time is catching up to me. My youth is getting further and further away. My young and reckless years have faded. Every day behind me is a thing of the past. Every day in front of me is my future, and as one of my supervisors told me, “youthfulness is in your head.” It’s true. I do adult things, like the process we are going through to buy a house, I work each day to make money, I pay bills. But, despite feeling older by numbers, I still feel young at heart. I still have such a strong desire to adventure, to play, to make changes in my life. I don’t see myself being a person that says, “I wish I could have done this or that.” Connor and I tend to act on our dreams, and I think anyone can do these things, no matter their age or stage in life. So my question to you is not, “what would you have done differently,” but rather, “will you choose to act on your dreams and wishes?

Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams | The Urban PigWhen life hands you lemons…

Sometimes it can be hard to give up something good for something that is unforeseen. How do you know if something in the future, when you don’t even know what that something will be, will be better than what you have going for you now? Because if you stay true to yourself and seek what you are after, it will be better. If you follow your heart, demand that your goals become achievements, and never settle for anything less than your most precious dreams, then I can assure you that when life hands you lemons, you will make some darn good lemonade. I promise.

I know things will all work out some how. I am not yet sure what my lemonade will be, but I think it will be worth it.

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