Craft Projects With Logs

Craft Projects With Logs | The Urban Pig

Clean up from last month’s wind storms is finally wrapping up around here, including the giant pine that fell behind our house. The men of the household have been busy with the chainsaw, cutting it down into pieces and loading it up in the truck. At the same time I have been inspired by the craft projects I have seen on Pinterest using wood logs. The first one I wanted to make was these wood bookends, so I snatched up one of the logs from behind the house and had Connor cut it into quarters. Then, I used a chisel to remove the bark (much easier than I was expecting, thankfully!). I let the wood sit out in the sun for a few days to dry out, as the bark had left a mushy residue behind. Now that it is all dried out, I just need to put on a clear coat to protect the wood from bugs and crumbling over time.

(The same day, I was re-potting some overgrown plants, so I took some photos of them using the wood, and it inspired me to use them as plant stands as well!)

Craft Projects With Logs | The Urban Pig

Craft Projects With Logs | The Urban Pig

Craft Projects With Logs | The Urban Pig

Craft Projects With Logs | The Urban Pig

Craft Projects With Logs | The Urban Pig

Craft Projects With Logs | The Urban Pig

A few of my favorite wood projects that I am hoping to do in the future!
1. Stump and ink prints…Absolutely stunning!
2. Wooden Christmas tree ornaments…So cute! It reminds me of an old tradition we had where every year my dad would paint a wooden piece like these with a mural from a vacation or big event from the year. It was a great way to reminisce each year while setting them out for display!
3. Log planter…Love the two natural elements being used together.


DIY Project: Ottoman From Old Tire

Tire Ottoman DIY | The Urban Pig

Please Note: This idea was originally found on Pinterest and sourced to “That Was A What?!” You can find her tutorial here, but she does charge for instructions.

My hands are permanently black (FYI: wear gloves for this project!), I have overcome two blisters, and my back aches from several days of gluing rope to a tire, but it’s done! When Connor bought his truck, he got this old tire and wheel with it for free, but it didn’t fit his truck, so it was given to me to do as I please. I had just seen the idea to turn it into an ottoman a few weeks before, so the idea was fresh in my head, and thankfully I didn’t get rid of the old tire. The ottoman I made is a bit different from the original tutorial, so I am sharing what I did and what helped me the most to make this awesome project!


DIY Round Up

I have had a lot of free time recently, so of course I have started thinking of projects I would like to start, and Pinterest is always my favorite spot to explore. It has been a while since I have shared some design ideas on this blog, so I thought it was a great time to look at a few projects that others are working on and be inspired to start a few myself!

Please note that not all of these projects have tutorials, but many are easy enough to make!

torch repellent diy

[diy tutorial via yeah vintage]

karen o'leary

[product via karen o’leary]


DIY Hanging Driftwood


Today is Connor’s last day of work which means just a few weeks left before we are moving out of Pullman and starting our next adventure. At this point, we still aren’t sure if we will be going back to Spokane where our families live or following our curiosity to a new place. Since I have always been a planner, I never thought I would hear myself say that I don’t know what I will be doing or where we will be living in two weeks, but it has been kind of nice to take a break from the planning and stress that can come from big decisions like those.

In the mean time, Connor and I are taking a little break from Pullman and heading to Seattle and Bremerton for the weekend. I am super excited to have some exploration time and entertainment, and Connor is too considering how long he has been working without a vacation.

Anyway, the last time I went to Seattle, my parents and I took a walk through Discovery Park down to the beach, where I collected some driftwood. So today, I am bringing you a quick and simple DIY project for the weekend which offers a little coastal lovin. Enjoy!


DIY Goldleaf Glitter Bookends

diy glitter bookends via the urban pig

This DIY project was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, and it was really easy to make and also very fun! These bookends add an interesting texture and a touch of glam to my bookshelves. I also love the combination of the gold leaf applied decoration with the raw and natural clay interior. I feel like that successfully achieves my personal style (natural with a pop of something unexpected). For this project, you will need air-dry clay (I used 7.5 lbs of Crayola white clay), knife, foam brush, water, foam board, gold flakes (I used a 3-gram bag of gold leaf flakes from Artminds), and metal leaf adhesive (I used “Speedball,” a black bottle with a picture of Mona Lisa on the label). I found the gold leaf supplies at Michaels, and bought the Crayola clay from Walmart (Michaels has it too). There are two main parts to this DIY project: the sculpting, and the gilding. It takes up to a few days for the clay to dry, so this is more than a few hours to complete the project. Once you do, though, you will be satisfied!


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