Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays | The Urban Pig

Merry Christmas! This picture was from last night, during our tradition of driving to look at lights on Christmas eve. I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday spent with friends and family! My parents are scheduled to arrive in Colorado tomorrow evening, so today, Connor and I mostly spent with just the two of us, but we did have dinner with some friends. Considering most holidays we spend with so much family, it was just nice to get out and see some faces.

This Christmas has been very different from those in the previous years in many ways. Like this last thanksgiving, it was our first Christmas away from our families. Even though my parents will be here tomorrow, it still seems strange to wake up Christmas morning to just the two of us. We made a yummy breakfast and watched a movie, and opened a few gifts. This year was also different in the gift-giving category, as well. Of course I love gifts, but this year Connor and I decided we would not get anything for each other, since we have been spending so much on the house. It was definitely weird to have Christmas very much unfocused on the gifts, but it was also sort of refreshing. Although we spent much of the day cleaning and preparing our house for my parents’ visit, we also had a slow, relaxing morning where we simply enjoyed our time with each other. I began to just think about how appreciative I am for all that I have, both in the “material world” and more importantly, the loving husband I have. I am very blessed.

It’s crazy to think this is the last blog post I will have for the year of 2013. I feel that Connor and I are ending this year well, and although time seems to be flying by, I am so excited for 2014 and the changes I hope for it to bring.

Happy holidays, see you in 2014!!


Countdown to Christmas

The Urban PigSome days it feels like winter is here, and some days it feels like Spring. The weather has been soo nice, and Connor and I are fighting back to keep the Christmas spirit alive. We have been doing little things, like wandering the malls to look at lights. Last weekend, we went to a mall nearby for the first time, because we heard of an ice rink they had. Although we weren’t prepared to go skating, we had fun watching the little kids go around the rink. The mall was fully decorated with lights, and even had a large outdoor fireplace to keep our noses warm. It was a great place.

We have also been continuing to decorate here and there, as well as watch lots of Christmas movies while drinking hot cocoa. And of course, plenty of shopping and work to be done around here to get our home set up for my parents to visit in a week. So excited for them to see our house!

The Urban Pig

Last, enjoying the winter sunrises as we commute to work each morning. They are absolutely beautiful, and every morning, I find myself telling Connor to hurry and take a picture. It comes and goes quickly.

The Urban Pig

The Urban Pig

I hope you have a fantastic week while the countdown to Christmas continues!

Merry Christmas!

Finally feeling the Christmas spirit! Being around a beautiful Christmas tree and Christmas lights really does the trick, but a little extra inspiration never hurts!

Holiday Spirit | The Urban Pig[via Note to Sarah]

cox and cox[via Cox & Cox]


Since Last Sunday

Friday was the first official day of winter! Some of my favorite winter memories are definitely playing in the snow. There is nothing better as a kid than playing and being so tired that you just lay down in the snow, stay quiet, and listen to the tiny sounds of crisp snow falling from the sky. Do you know the sound I am talking of? Just the slightest crinkling sound of snow moving on the tree branches above your head. It is so peaceful. Especially when you look up and all you see is white – snow covered trees, a grey sky, and inches of white snow under your feet. I love it!

Beautiful Palouse Rolling Hills


Since Last Sunday

Snowy Road | The Urban Pig

This week I have been having a great time relaxing, finally! Although I did have a few final tests, there were no classes, giving me plenty of time to study as well as free time to have fun. Connor and I went on a few adventures – some nice little drives exploring. Pullman is an interesting place because there are so many roads to be curious about what you might find. You are almost always promised a pretty view of the rolling hills, which was especially pretty when the snow decided to come and dust the farmlands.


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