Spirit in the Sky

Spirit in the Sky | The Urban Pig

Sometimes we choose to hide our feelings away rather than pick up the pen and express them. And sometimes, you can’t keep pushing those feelings out because they just keep re-emerging until you acknowledge them. It is sort of funny how it happened…

While soaring through the clouds in the airplane on the way to Vegas last week, I couldn’t help but feel the presence of an old friend who passed away just over a year ago. I started to think about it and realized his spirit always seems to keep me company when I am near the sky.

He was often with me when I lived in Colorado. I always felt his presence as I looked to the most beautiful mountains on my daily drive. He kept me company during my commute but sometimes made me cry.

When we moved back to Spokane, I stopped feeling his presence. It was like we went back to normal elevations and I wasn’t close enough to the mountains in the sky to feel him any longer.

But then, I took this flight, and his spirit decided to visit me again. And out of the airplane window, all I could see was the mountains.

At one point in my life, he was my best friend. And at one point in Connor’s life, he was his best friend. And then, he introduced us. I owe him all of the happiness he has given us and I hope he knows how thankful I am to have known him. I will never forget his smile, laugh, and jokester positive attitude despite his health which he struggled with his entire life. He had big dreams for a teen who knew there was only a short time to achieve them and he lived every day like there WAS a tomorrow for him. It was this kind of example that he set and why so many called him a friend. I miss him very much and I think about him every day.

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