End of Summer | County Fair

County Fair | The Urban Pig

 Ahh, the county fair! The fair, for me, always marks the end of summer and the beginning of my favorite season, Autumn. I love the ambiance the fair brings; it is sort of magical and nostalgic  with the lights, food, animals, sounds, shows, and people. This year’s fair did not fail to please, either, even on a Monday night. The weather was perfect and we were lucky for the warmth, despite the last few days of cooler winds.

As soon as we arrived, we grabbed some food and ran over to the first show, the hypnotist. I have been to this show several times before, but the hypnotist changed it up a good amount, and it may have been the most enjoyable one I have seen yet. We also spent a good amount of time playing with the animals, and I found my future pet, a large Flemish rabbit. They were adorable!

County Fair | The Urban Pig

County Fair | The Urban Pig

County Fair | The Urban Pig

My favorite part of all was visiting the Palm Reader. Several years ago, Connor and I came to the fair and had our palms read by a mysterious brunette. We were skeptical at first, but both of us had an amazing experience and an accurate reading. This year, we wanted to find her again, and I was so excited as we were wandering and looked over to our left, recognized her tent, and saw her sitting at the entry and smiling, looking back at us as if she was expecting us. Only I got my palm read this time, but Connor sat next to me. Not only was she accurate about the current experiences I am having in life, but she also was consistent with facts that she mentioned at our first reading, such as the gender of our future children. She knew about the recent deaths of my grandfather and a good friend. She knew about my past but said my future was bright.

If you have never done a palm reading, I would highly recommend you to try! The experience is always reassuring and leaves me with a positive feeling moving forward. It encouraged me to continue along the path I am walking, and not to give up because we can be successful at whatever we set our minds and hearts to. It is just what I needed to start the new season with a fresh outlook on life. Enjoy the last days of the summer and embrace the new season!

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