Hand-Sewn iPad Air Case DIY

DIY Hand-Sewn iPad Case | The Urban Pig

I tell you, over the last few weeks it has felt like we brought Colorado storms/tornado season back to Washington with us. Over the last month, we have had two extremely large and dangerous wind storms that knocked over so many trees, damaging hundreds of houses and leaving thousands without electricity, some for over a week. Thankfully for us, each time we were only without power for a day, but unfortunately others are still recuperating from their losses of homes, vehicles, and food.

It was interesting to see how different age groups responded to the loss of electricity. My nephew (now 5 years old and efficient with iphones/electronics since the age of 2 or 3) practically broke down when he couldn’t watch his favorite movies or download games on the iPad. And on the opposite spectrum, those 30 or older were found sitting in their running cars outside of their houses, charging their phones and watching videos. Connor and I about died when we saw this. What happened to the old days when losing electricity meant playing hide and seek, or board games by candlelight? Is it only the 90’s kids that reminisce over these days, and try to relive them when we have the opportunity? I find it funny when parents and grandparents say my generation is terrible for being addicted to technology or having bad etiquette. It was just the other day that I was in the doctor’s waiting room and I listened to a full conversation of the 50-some year old woman behind me about her not being able to find a good pair of shoes for some family gathering. In the opposite corner, a 30-some year old woman flipped through magazines while her 8-year old daughter obnoxiously and loudly sang along to the songs she was listening to on her ipod. Meanwhile, I sat quietly in the waiting room with my phone on silent while I waited to be called back. And my generation is bad?

Anyway, I got off topic there.

Needless to say, Connor and I were pretty excited when the power was out. Not at first, as we quickly bought bags of ice to save our food. But rather than sitting around complaining about it, we pulled out the board games and played, and then I decided to do some sewing on an ipad case I had been meaning to make for several months. Nothing to get you motivated like no power, right? I designed it as I went, but maybe these pictures will spark some of your own ideas for making a custom case for your own devices. All it takes is some fabric, needles, and thread. At least when the power goes out, the electronics can be stored away in style!

DIY Hand-Sewn iPad Case | The Urban Pig

DIY Hand-Sewn iPad Case | The Urban Pig

DIY Hand-Sewn iPad Case | The Urban Pig

DIY Hand-Sewn iPad Case | The Urban Pig

DIY Hand-Sewn iPad Case | The Urban Pig

DIY Hand-Sewn iPad Case | The Urban Pig

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