Lavender Craft Night


(Photo via Martha Stewart)

Last week, I posted about our trip to Greenbluff’s Fleur de Provence Lavender farm, where we picked a bucket full of lavender! A few weeks before, I had received my issue of Martha Stewart Living, which had a special article about a woman who accidentally started her own lavender farm, as well as several recipes using lavender essential oils. It inspired me to try making my own essential oil from our fresh lavender, but every recipe we tried was a dud, and I later learned it takes a real distillation process to make legitimate essential oils. So, that failed. Instead, we kept the lavender in a vase and enjoyed the smells just from having it in the room. But I still wanted to make the recipes from Martha Stewart! With some friends and family, we had a girls’ craft night and worked on the following two recipes: lip balm and candles. We did end up purchasing lavender essential oil, as well as several other scents. Here are several pictures from the process, taken by my friend Nicole! Check out the full recipes and other photos on Martha Stewart’s website.

Lavender Craft Night | The Urban Pig

Lavender Craft Night | The Urban Pig

Lavender Craft Night | The Urban Pig

Lavender Craft Night | The Urban Pig

Lavender Craft Night | The Urban Pig

Lavender Craft Night | The Urban PigI have to just say, I am so happy to be back to Washington with my friends and family, and super excited for the first of many to come girls’ craft nights!

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  1. JoAn Forsyth

     /  07/30/2014

    What a great attitude. I love your determined spirit!!

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