Happy Easter!


Photo via Joy Ever After

Hope you all had a happy Easter! It was honestly a bit difficult for Connor and I to get into the celebration, being away from family and all. I remember one of our nephew’s first Easter egg hunts, right after the lawn had been aerated. He ran around picking up the little dirt clumps and putting them in his basket, rather than the plastic eggs full of candy. It was pretty cute. Easter is one of those holidays that only seems enjoyable with little ones around or lots of family. But then again, most of the holidays have felt that way for us.

Despite this, we still tried to do something special. Connor and I made a big yummy breakfast of cream cheese Apple French toast, a food tradition that his mom makes each year. It is so delicious. It was our first time making it, and it turned out pretty great! And with just the two of us, we had plenty to fill up our tummies. Of course, we also had to boil some eggs, and although we didn’t dye them, we kept another tradition going, one that has been passed down through my family, “egg fights.” It is a German tradition, where two players hit their hard boiled eggs together to see which one cracks. I won each time :)

Our neighbors were kind enough to invite us over for a late lunch and some chatting time. They have two little ones, and they only had their family of four plus an aunt and uncle, so it was nice to not feel like we were intruding on a large family get together. We munched on some cupcakes, and us girls talked it up while the boys played games.

We didn’t want to stay too long since everyone was getting sleepy from all the food. Thankfully, the weather was super nice so after a little bit, Connor and I went on a walk in the sun. We spent the rest of the day and evening relaxing, realizing we were pretty happy to get this week started!

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