Family Weekend

Family Weekend | The Urban PigThis last weekend was super exciting as my parents AND brother came to Denver to visit. I can’t believe it has been nearly 10 months since I last saw my brother. It was great to have some big bro-little sis goof off time. My family arrived Saturday afternoon so Connor and I picked them up from the airport. The weather was a little chilly so we took them to my favorite mall (Park Meadows) and did some shopping. I usually feel like a trip to a big city is never complete without some mall time. Is that true for you, too? After the mall, we were starving and tired, so we went over to one of the best pizza places the Mellow Mushroom. I think I have talked about this place before, but it is seriously so good, after discovering it, we have brought all of our family to try it out.

Early Sunday morning we woke up to go to the zoo, as requested by my dad for his favorite part of the trip. I have been excited to go, but we were holding out until my parents came. Isn’t it funny how we are saving all the fun adventures for family visits? It makes it fun to explore these new things together. We went early so a lot of the animals were up and moving around, and we even got to see some of the events, such as the sea lion and elephant feedings. We made our way around, saving the best for last (my dad’s favorite is the bears), but all of a sudden we started seeing some seriously dark storm clouds. We tried to hustle up, but it was too late. Just before we reached the last few exhibits, there was a crazy snow storm, so we ran for some temporary cover with the penguins. There wasn’t any sign of the bad weather stopping, so we marched through the snow to visit with the bears, who seemed a little excited about the weather as they dived into the water for a swim.

Family Weekend | The Urban Pig

Family Weekend | The Urban Pig

Family Weekend | The Urban PigMonday, Connor had to work, but I took the day off. So I took my family to Castle Rock in the hopes of some good weather for some hiking at Rock Park. Unfortunately, the weather continued to be messy, so instead we stuck with some good old shopping at my two favorite stores on Main Street. They have huge buildings full of antiques, hand-made goods, crafts, and collections of curiosities. My mom and I each found some headbands for $5 each, and I found an old horseshoe I want to hang somewhere in our house. There was loads of other things I would be happy to haul out of there, but I had to restrain myself, as we are hoping for a kitchen renovation here soon.

We also did some bowling, where I learned that I can bowl both left-handed and right, but either way, I still lose. It has been so long since I have bowled, it was a fun time! I remember as a kid being so embarrassed about bowling, at how bad I was. Now as an adult, I totally don’t care, but it was funny to watch the little kids around us looking so awkward and uncomfortable being up in the spotlight.

Family Weekend | The Urban Pig

Family Weekend | The Urban PigIt seems like family time comes and goes so quickly. No matter how long they are here for, it never seems to be long enough, and it makes it a bit hard to be living so far away. It’s been difficult to find and make friends here, so it is nice to have some familiar faces to interact with. We are so blessed to have family who hasn’t forgotten about us and take the time and expense to visit!



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