DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table

P.S. Delay of this post is directly related to my dear husband cutting the cord to the circular saw in half and setting us back in schedule of building our table the last two days. :)

We are so close to completing our dining table, and it is funny how excited I am to finally have a dining set! It may sound silly, but it makes me feel a little more grown up. Connor and I have been eating dinner on the stairs or on the couch for the last two years of living together (except a short period of time of living with our friends). Before the table was even complete, a few nights ago, we had our first dinner at our home-made table.

This project has lasted a few months now because as we worked, we were designing and figuring out the steps as we went along. Although it still isn’t complete, it is much closer, and besides the final details, it is pretty close to being done, so I wanted to share.

The idea first came when I found these 2×4 furniture tutorials, and I was shocked by how much money you can save with some simple handiwork. I started looking for dining tables, and then different versions of different styles. I finally came across Ana White’s tutorial for a farmhouse table, and that’s when I began my own, with Connor’s help of course. I used her tutorial as a guide, but changed some things, such as the sizes, our plan for the tabletop, and the breadboard ends, mainly because I was planning on having a table with an extendable leaf. However, after building our version of the table base, we struggled with coming up with a solution to do the leaf, and in the end, we decided we would rather have a sturdy table then a table that is a hassle to change around. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the process of building the table base.

DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table | The Urban Pig

DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table | The Urban Pig

DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table | The Urban Pig

DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table | The Urban PigOne of my main goals for building our own table was because I wanted to do something special for the tabletop, and what I had in mind, I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford if I didn’t build it myself. After doing some research on how to do this pattern, I came across this tutorial from Wit and Whistle, and again, I altered the instructions to fit our project. For a project like a dining table, I wanted to use a material for the table top that would be easy to clean. I knew that using actual wood would be a lot of work getting the stain and colors right, and it would have to be sealed or I would need a glass piece on top. Neither of these ideas appealed to me and gave me the look I was wanting. After a lot of debate, we found a click and lock laminate flooring from Lowes that was really inexpensive. We cut the pieces at an angle and put them together like a puzzle.

Doing the chevron pattern was NOT an easy task, especially with the tools available to us. It’s not a project for a perfectionist, and even though I will admit to being one, early on in this project I decided I would be okay with it not being perfect. There are gaps where the ends of the wood meet, but this table still feels special to me, despite its imperfections.

DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table | The Urban Pig

DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table | The Urban Pig

DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table | The Urban Pig

DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table | The Urban PigThe last steps that remain for us is staining or painting the base (I am thinking white!), securing the table top, and finishing the edges where the laminate meets the plywood. We plan on getting metal (maybe a powder-coated black steel) to hide the unfinished edges. Although this table ended up costing more than expected (from the original 2×4 tutorial), I feel like it has been well worth it. Not only can I say I built my own table, it is a special design that would have cost so much more if I had simply bought something like it. Although, I can’t say I have seen anything like it in the furniture stores!

DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table | The Urban Pig

DIY Chevron Wood Dining Table | The Urban PigSo, what is my next 2×4 project I will do? I am thinking this outdoor sectional so we can enjoy our little backyard patio this spring and summer!

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