Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light | The Urban PigI hadn’t really expected to buy lights for our house yet, but it just sort of happened when we walked into World Market looking for curtain rods for our bedroom, and stumbled across this big beauty. In my mind, I had been going back and forth about the style and shape for a pendant over our dining room table and in our back entry/mudroom, but sometimes you just know when you see it!

The original chandelier was really small for the space and it just didn’t match our style.  This baby though, you know I love some geometry in design, and the shadows it casts on the walls and ceiling are quite beautiful. We constantly have this light on now because it seriously adds so much style and glam. It’s amazing to me how much of a difference lighting can make in a home, but it is so often overlooked, despite how affordable it can be.

Let There Be Light | The Urban Pig


^^Oops, I guess here is a sneak peek of the dining table we are building — will share soon!

Let There Be Light | The Urban Pig

Let There Be Light | The Urban Pig

Let There Be Light | The Urban PigWe also found this lamp shade for $40, but we hung it like a pendant in our back entry. It also creates some unique shadows, but mostly I love the woven texture and how the light peeks through the little cracks. The natural feel worked well for our mudroom space, as it also has the main connection to the outdoors and will function as a sort-of sunroom. Things are really coming along!

Let There Be Light | The Urban PigYou can find both the honeycomb chandelier and the natural basket shade at World Market.


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