The Cookbook: An Introduction

The Cookbook: An Introduction | The Urban Pig

How The Book Started:
When I was little, my mom and I decided to make a cookbook. We took all of the handwritten recipes she had acquired over the years, typed them and formatted them on the computer, printed the pages and slipped them into plastic covers, secured together in a small yellow binder.

When Connor and I left home for my last year of college, this binder was all I had. It was my first time cooking on a regular basis. Eventually, we grew tired of the recipes we constantly used, so we began to really dig in to the book, pulling out recipes we didn’t like, setting others aside we had yet to try, and looking for new additions. We gathered plenty of meals from the internet, Connor’s family, and my family. Our little yellow binder became a hodge-podge of ideas and chicken scratch. We realized it was time to reformat our book — add the new recipes, adjust the old ones, and compile them together into a book of our own. Today, just a year and a half later, we are still working hard to try and re-try our recipes, edit them for consistency, and we are also learning to photograph our process and the end result. It is taking a long time, but it has been fun to take the baby steps and continue to learn along the way.

The Cookbook: An Introduction | The Urban Pig

The Cookbook: An Introduction | The Urban Pig

Combining Family Recipes:
It is a common thing both in the past and present for family recipes, sometimes even “secret” recipes to be passed down through generations. Connor and I are fortunate to have recipes given to us from our families. They are special in that they are memories of the person it was received from, or memories of the occasion it was often prepared for. When Connor and I began dating, we shared these family gatherings and it was probably the first experiences we had cooking and eating together. With marriage, we merged our families, and these days we find ourselves merging recipes as well. It has been exciting to learn these recipes and incorporate them into our daily lives.

The Cookbook: An Introduction | The Urban Pig

The Cookbook: An Introduction | The Urban Pig

Cooking Together as a Couple:
For many, cooking can be a chore, and some days, it is for us too. But once in a while, we use it as a way to spend time together after work, completing an essential task, but doing it for fun, and doing it together. We have always cooked here and there, but when you know you have mouths to feed, there is more incentive to cook and to learn new recipes to keep things fresh. I realized pretty quickly that you can’t live off cereal forever.

The biggest thing we have learned is to not get frustrated. When something turns out bad, it is a part of the process. You learn from it that way, and maybe even learn faster when you realize what you did wrong.

We are enjoying the process more than anything, but I am most excited for the end result, to have a compilation of recipes from our family and recipes we have gathered  to eat each day. I hope to share more of our experiences with you in posts to come!

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