Inspiration for Our Home

It’s been a while since I’ve said anything about our home, and although it is not “show-ready,” we have definitely been settling in and making it our own. It took a while for me to get past the previous owner’s style that was making its way into our decor, but slowly but surely, it is looking more like us. Before we moved in, Connor and I gathered our favorite images to make inspiration boards that could guide us when making decisions on furniture, colors, and decor. I finally got around to printing them, even though we have already started making some of those decisions. Finding them again on my computer was like a breath of fresh air — some inspiring images that will help us here on out. Most of the things I love from these inspiration boards are in the details. I am learning this has been my favorite part — trying to creatively blend the special items we already have with new items that are just as loved. These details are the things that catch my eye each morning as I walk through our home. They breathe life and personality to our space. I hope to share photos soon, but I wanted to share some of the inspiration boards we created a while back.

Inspiration for Our Home | The Urban Pig

We will start in the back entrance, because that is the main door we use. The space was meant for an option like a breakfast nook, but I haven’t found that we need two places to eat. I dream of using the space as a second living area, a focal point, and mudroom set up. My office is upstairs, but I never use it, so I thought this might be a place where we can work or play games or just drop our coats and shoes when we come in. It is also the area with the most light, and right off of our back patio, so I also see a use as an indoor-outdoor space, with lots of natural textures. A sunroom, that isn’t actually a sunroom.

Inspiration for Our Home | The Urban Pig

Right off of the back entrance is the kitchen. I know what I like in kitchens, but believe it or not, I have had a hard time picturing this space in relation to the rest of our home, mainly because of the open floor plan. I want to keep it classic, but still incorporate some personality, maybe with a unique backsplash or some pops of color.

Inspiration for Our Home | The Urban Pig

I am skipping the dining room and going straight to the family room. Connor and I want to eventually finish the basement and have our giant sectionals and media area down there. When that is done, I want our family room to still be a place of gathering, but maybe a bit more formal. I want to include cozy blankets or furs, which will still make the space feel comfortable, not stuffy. I also hope to cover up the tile on our fireplace with a white brick veneer.

Inspiration for Our Home | The Urban Pig

When we finish the basement, a guest bedroom will also go down there. Of course, something warm and welcoming would be nice, rather than an empty, forgotten space. Wood furniture and white walls to brighten it up. Accessories and details to add some charm. Our current guest bedroom is functional, but nothing as exciting as this inspiration board makes me want it to be!

Inspiration for Our Home | The Urban Pig

Lastly, our master bedroom. This is another space I am totally stumped on. I know I want it bright and airy, with some kind of detail or texture on the vaulted ceiling. We are still looking for the perfect paint color, such as a really light grey. We also have a perfect spot for a barn door leading to the bathroom. We just purchased a new bed frame, which matches perfectly with some antique side tables given to me from my grandma. I love mixing the old with the new!

Bits and pieces are finally coming together. If I get more time in the near future, I would like to make a little inspiration binder, organized by room or general spaces, each with inspiration photos and ideas, DIY projects, budget and pricing, floor plans, etc. I sure can get ambitious sometimes.

You can find most of these images from my interiors board on pinterest. I have been gathering these images for quite some time, so I apologize for not having links readily available. Enjoy!

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