DIY Christmas Ornaments (And Other Classy Decor Ideas)

DIY Christmas Ornaments | The Urban Pig

It took me a while before I finally realized this is the second Christmas Connor and I have had together in a place of our own (last year at our apartment while I was in school), but it will be the first Christmas where we actually have a tree and some decent decorations! I am not a big fan of all the crazy, and often times cheesy, decor for the holidays. I wanted ours to be special and unique, which is why I decided to make our own ornaments for the tree. We were at the craft store when I found some fabric ribbon that had a sort of vintage stamped appearance. I fell in love with them and luckily they were on sale because we bought like 20 spools. It was more than enough to cover all of our ornaments and fill the tree. Today, I am sharing some of the pictures from the long, tedious process of gluing fabric to ornaments, but all the while being patient to get a unique, “rustic-glam” Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas Ornaments | The Urban Pig

DIY Christmas Ornaments | The Urban Pig

DIY Christmas Ornaments | The Urban Pig

DIY Christmas Ornaments | The Urban Pig

For those of you wanting to do this project, consider waiting for a sale or after-Christmas clearance on ornaments. You can even buy the ugliest ones in the store, because you are just going to cover them up anyway. We got clear glass ones because they were on sale, and we wanted to keep a few unwrapped so we could still get some sparkle on our tree. They didn’t come with ornament hooks, so we made our own out of hemp/twine, which seemed to work better than hooks, anyway.

A few tips: Find a ribbon that is very flexible (don’t use ribbon with wire inside — we tried and it made it bulky). We used a hot glue gun and made sure to get all the edges glued down. Glue your ribbon starting from the cap of the ornament, wrapped around, and ending at the other side of the cap. Make a cross on the bottom, then work your way through the in-between areas. We used 6 pieces for each ornament, the length will vary depending on your ornament size. We thought the standard size was perfect, but make sure to get a smooth ornament (not textured or oddly shaped).

DIY Christmas Ornaments | The Urban Pig

DIY Christmas Ornaments | The Urban Pig

Hang with care, and enjoy! Want to see more of my favorite  holiday decoration projects? Check out this pinecone garland, burlap and lace tree skirt, stick monogram, and simple hanging wreaths. You better believe that I have done, or plan on doing, most of these!

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