Happy Thanksgiving!

Black Friday Shopping

Happy belated Thanksgiving and Black Friday! It was our first year being away from family for the holiday, which made it a little tough, but Connor and I still had a good time. We cooked our favorite classics and as we waited, we looked through Black Friday ads. I am normally not big on the Black Friday thing, but as we are totally house poor and in desperate need of some basic essentials (i.e. sheets…we have been sleeping on blankets), we decided to check if there was anything worth braving the crowds for. There was! So, we had a delicious candle-lit dinner on the floor (no table, yet) and we were stuffed after one serving. Looks like we will be having leftovers for the rest of the year. Then, we watched the Pursuit of Happyness, and it was a movie that we realized was perfect for Thanksgiving. Maybe a new tradition?

After getting all relaxed, it was time for the craziness to begin. We only wanted to go to Target, which is less than five minutes from our house, and as we pulled into the parking lot about 30 minutes before it opened, we caught a glimpse of the crowd – lined up through the entire parking lot. My little hometown can’t even compare to the shopping madness here, even in the suburbs! The ONE time I went Black Friday shopping in Spokane, we thought the 50-100 foot lines were long and ridiculous. I am so glad we weren’t planning an all-nighter here.

But, we got inside pretty quickly and found the great deals we were looking for. King-size flannel sheets for $16, king-size 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets for $40, and a gorgeous king-size duvet cover by Kenneth Cole for $90 (I was planning on spending $150). I can now mark all those off our home-needs list!

We have still been busy unpacking and organizing, but I can’t wait to start on some projects, especially getting some paint on the walls! We have already started tinkering around with little fixes and changes…patching the walls, turning the kitchen island into a bookshelf, arranging furniture, and throwing LOTS of stuff away. We currently have a room dedicated to garbage and cardboard boxes, since we were left with an overflowing trash can and then we missed garbage day. But, it will slowly but surely all come together. I hope to start sharing projects and pictures soon. Anyway, I am thankful for our beautiful home and the time I was able to spend with my husband for the holidays.

We are getting internet today, so hopefully this blogging thing will be a bit easier from now on. Hope everyone enjoyed your weekend, and maybe start pulling out those Christmas decorations!

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