Moving Out and Moving In

Moving In | The Urban Pig

It has been a crazy week since we started moving and trying to unpack. Our house was ready to move in earlier than we expected, so it took us by surprise when we were eating lunch and got the text that we could come over. The same day, our friends were moving out of their house that we have been staying since we moved to Colorado. It was a busy weekend, and I don’t see the craziness ending anytime soon. We have barely started unpacking, taking advantage of our after-work hours to do little bits at a time, and then heading to bed early from being so exhausted. But it’s always exciting to see your home starting to come together, little by little.

At the same time, it was hard to see our friends leave Colorado and head back to Washington. They have been here for over five years, and it seems like bad timing for them to leave just as we arrived. But everyone has a plan for their lives and if that’s what is best for them, it’s what needs to be done. After all, that is why Connor and I came here in the first place!

We have been keeping busy and it’s been hard to have daily responsibilities when all I want to do is settle in to the new place. I’m excited for the weekend to catch up, and I find myself counting down the days until Friday, just as I counted down the days to get the keys to the house. As always, I try to stay in the moment, and as Connor and I ate dinner as we sat on the stairs, being the only place in the house that is free of boxes, I realized it was moments like these that make the adventure of moving so memorable.

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