Changing Tastes

Changing Tastes |The Urban Pig

Have you ever had a time in your life where, almost all at once, you realize your tastes have changed? In the past, my opinions of style, particularly in home design, have usually evolved slowly. But in the last month, it happened more like a light switch. Boom. Different. Of course, some influences remain, for example, I will always love wood. But other things, especially details, have changed. As a designer, I think I will always have an appreciation and ability to design with different styles, but to design for myself, it’s difficult. I’m talking about personal style, and what I want to have in my home.

As for what I DON’T want…a few weeks ago, we had a huge moving sale (I guess it’s not strange to have a yard sale in October in Colorado). True to my word, Connor and I cleaned out our storage unit, hauling out a very full truck load of things I was ready to part with. Although at times it was difficult to say “sell” or “donate,” it was so refreshing at the end. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders; and additional step forward to a fresh start. Letting go of clutter and material junk. And, during the process, made some money to buy the things we actually need, like beds and appliances for our new home. Now, a few weeks later, I hardly remember the things I sold, and realize the attachment I had for those possessions was totally unnecessary.

I look forward to starting fresh. Connor and I started gathering inspiration to re-learn and re-define our personal tastes and styles. I thought I would share what we had at the beginning, but it’s already developing into new ideas. We plan on making a concept and inspiration board to help guide us even in the small decisions of updating and changing our home to better reflect us. However, I am a firm believer that if you always pick what you love, your home will develop a style that best suits you. (This idea is currently being challenged by a rug we just bought…we will see how it turns out!)

A few of my favorite things right now:
Clusters of plants, white and bright rooms with rustic accents and organic inspiration, colorful details, natural wood, vintage plumbing fixtures, modern lighting, clean lines, and industrial finds.

via glitter guide[image via glitter guide]

remodelista[image via remodelista]

dust jacket[image via dustjacket]

To see more inspiration, check out my boards on pinterest!

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