I’m Back! With Changes…

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A while back, I took a “stress test” to learn how different events effect you. I discovered that having more than one large life event in a year can really add up to a lot of stress…duh. But what I didn’t realize was that even if these life events are really awesome, good things, it can STILL create some negative emotions. For example, looking back at the considerable amount of things which have happened this year:

  • I graduated from college
  • Moved back to Spokane
  • Traveled to Europe with my mom
  • Mourned the death of a good friend and my great grandma, one week apart
  • Moved to Colorado
  • Connor got a new job, and I started my career in design
  • Connor and I bought a house (we should be moving in just a few weeks!)

I sort of feel like this was enough “life events” to last over several years! Even though so much of these changes were good, it can still be overwhelming. All of the planning (like my travels), or lack of planning (like moving to Colorado) is tiring! I feel like Connor and I won’t really be back to a “normal” schedule for at least a few months. It’s like we are running a hundred miles an hour, but never actually getting anywhere. Okay, we are getting somewhere, but it’s been a ride trying to keep up! You may have noticed my absence in blogging for the last week, even after my computer got fixed. All of this has led me to looking at making some adjustments in life, trying to make things easier on ourselves, especially in a time that our lives continue to change and adjust to these new situations (buying a house, moving, getting settled in our jobs, etc).

So, for now, I am cutting down on blogging. It can be tough to write three times a week, especially when my time is crunched that I don’t have time to do much besides work, eat and sleep, not to mention write about it, too. However, I am really excited to make this change. I just know things will be better. I will feel better and write better if I have more time to focus and gather inspiration between posts. It should be beneficial. In fact, just thinking about the extra time gets my brain going!

Anyway, it’s sort of interesting how too much of a good thing can actually cause havoc. Don’t get me wrong; I am so fortunate, blessed, and thrilled about the changes which have happened in my life this year, but I am definitely learning (or trying to learn) how to manage a new schedule and priorities, while still making time for activities I enjoy. I think it is important to experiment with how adjustments to different parts of life can help, or sometime hinder, your well-being. I definitely don’t have the answers yet, but I would encourage anyone to try themselves.

Thanks again for coming back even after I have been gone for longer than I should have been :) Looking forward to less frequent, but hopefully better quality, posts!

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