Calling All Locals: Help Us Find A Pumpkin Patch!

greenbluff 2

Remember how I was practically drooling over the thought and excitement of going to a pumpkin patch this last weekend? Well, it was a total fail and letdown. My friends and myself all piled in the car, drove an hour and a half, and ended up on an empty old farm that charged to see… an empty old farm. Needless to say, we turned right back around and drove an hour and a half back home. I was pretty bummed.

I thought I had done my research. I looked at websites that listed different pumpkin patch farms all over Colorado. The one we attempted to go to looked the best — it seemed like they offered at all. But they didn’t.

So, since my research obviously didn’t work out, I’m calling on the help of all locals. Help us find our new pumpkin patch tradition! We would love a farm where…

  • it is open more than 1-2 days a year
  • has free or cheap admission/parking (if I just want to walk around and enjoy the season, I don’t want to pay too much on top of paying for food and a pumpkin!)
  • you can pick the pumpkins from the field, not out of a box
  • they have tractor rides
  • you can get lost in a corn maze, big enough for adults
  • they have yummy food, or at least hot cocoa and caramel apples
  • as a bonus, they have vendors or a gift shop with local crafts and art

Is there anything in Colorado like this?! We are open to any and all suggestions! In the meantime, I will be sitting here dreaming of Green Bluff. Here are some ideas of what a real pumpkin patch looks like! Our favorite farms on Green Bluff are Harvest House and Siemers. You can drive, and sometimes walk, from farm to farm, picking your favorite items for each one!

greenbluff 19

greenbluff 18

greenbluff 17

greenbluff 15

greenbluff 13

greenbluff 12

greenbluff 11

greenbluff 9

greenbluff 8

greenbluff 5

greenbluff 4

greenbluff 10

greenbluff 1

[all photos from green bluff and harvest house facebook pages]

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  1. I was just thinking this morning about how much fun I had a year ago at a pumpkin and apple farm in Michigan. One reason I miss the midwest!


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