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Make It Yours | The Urban Pig

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One of my favorite parts about interior design, specifically residential and small business owners, is seeing the client’s dreams becoming a reality. They have all these ideas, but when the final design comes together, they have their personalized space: functional, beautiful, individualized, and fit to them.

“Programming” a client to find out their needs and desires is essential to discovering their dream space. In school, these programs were always made up by the professors, but despite this, it always felt so real to me. Like the person ACTUALLY existed and I was ACTUALLY designing for them. The other week, I had the opportunity to tag along to a client meeting, and even though most of the initial programming and designs were already done, details were still changing. It was pretty cool to put a family’s face to the home floor plan that I was staring at on my computer screen for several days before. It made the project real, and it gave it a real personality, something I only sort of experienced with my nonexistent clients in school.

Make It Yours | The Urban Pig

[image via country living]

Make It Yours | The Urban Pig

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Seeing the excitement of these clients getting ready to make some amazing changes to their home made me realize the power and influence of design, something I knew about before, just in a different way. I am learning that no matter where you live or work, the size, the condition, whatever, you can make a space your own. It really can become anything you want it to be, and you are only limited by your imagination, and of course, sometimes your budget.

Make It Yours | The Urban Pig

[image via apartment therapy]

House hunting and looking for the right place to call our own has been pretty terrifying, believe it or not. I always imagined this process to be so…glamorous? So…exciting? Not sure. (Thanks HGTV).  But I am starting to realize that the right place will eventually come, and even if it’s not picture-perfect, we have the ability to control our environment. Whether it is spending no money and just doing what we can with what we have, or saving money to make changes along the way, it will turn out great. It’s our first house, and I shouldn’t expect it to be move-in ready and straight from the pages of a magazine. Besides, it is the process of designing and that evolution which has always driven my passion, hardly ever the end result (although that is always rewarding, too). I need to look at our own potential home in that same way.

With that, cross your fingers for us as we look at properties tomorrow, hopeful that we find “the one.”

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