Family Adventures in Castle Rock

Family Adventures in Castle Rock | The Urban Pig

For a while now, I have been an advocate of exploring your own backyard, your neighborhood, your city. This weekend, the time we spent with Connor’s parents was limited, so we had to stay a bit closer to home, rather than wander all of the cities nearby. I love how Colorado’s cities merge into each other, I really just see it as one big place now, with different “neighborhoods” or “communities” rather than separate cities. Nevertheless, they are still cities, so this weekend, we stayed (for the most part) in Castle Rock. We didn’t do much on Friday except relax, but Saturday we spent the morning at a few antique stores, called The Emporium and The Barn. They were both great places with lots of unique items to offer.

Family Adventures in Castle Rock | The Urban Pig

We ate some lunch, and decided we were in the mood for a pumpkin patch or some festivity. We ended up driving to Littleton for a giant pumpkin contest, because we were going to be heading north later, anyway, to hit the arcades. Since the morning was full of shopping, the boys (Connor and his step-dad) were excited for some “man time” at Dave and Busters. We spent most of the evening there, snacking and playing games.

Family Adventures in Castle Rock | The Urban Pig

Family Adventures in Castle Rock | The Urban Pig

On Sunday, we had a late start to the morning, but indulged in some Colorado-made beer brats and guacamole in the backyard while we finished our family interviews for our genealogy book. It may seem like a “chore,” but it is so fun listening to memories and stories from our relatives. I am so happy we are taking the time to record these for our future generations to enjoy. After lunch, it was time for a hike to continue enjoying the beautiful weather. We drove to the base of the Castle Rock, then climbed to the very top. It was just as fun as I remember; a little hiking, a little climbing, and a great view at the top. We even spotted a few lizards.

Family Adventures in Castle Rock | The Urban Pig

Family Adventures in Castle Rock | The Urban Pig

Family Adventures in Castle Rock | The Urban PigTo end the day, before taking the parents back to the airport, we just HAD to show them my favorite, Park Meadows mall. We mainly enjoyed the puppies, and I have been convinced by everyone to get one, eventually. We ate at PF Changs, for my first time, and Connor continues to be shocked/stunned/amazed by how much new foods I have been trying. It was all delicious, and it was a full tummy to drive to the airport. Have you ever noticed how beautiful the sky views are from airports? I always do, but it seems like Colorado has the most beautiful skies, anyway.

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  1. I have a good friend who moved to Castle Rock and she just LOVES it but I haven’t made it out yet. It looks beautiful!


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