Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday | The Urban PigWhat started as a seemingly slow week ended with a fun and adventurous weekend with Connor’s mom and step-dad. There are still days that I sort of forget that we live in Colorado and I find myself thinking how surreal it is when our families actually have to fly over several states to come visit us, rather than drive an hour and a half. I guess it still hasn’t settled in my mind. Friday, I picked Connor’s parents up from the airport and we met Connor for dinner and spent the evening catching up. It was foggy, cold, and a bit rainy that day, of course our Washington families typically bring some rain with them when they visit. Thankfully, though, the rest of the weekend was absolutely stunner — sunny and warm, so we made the most of it and spent time outside. We climbed the Castle Rock again at Rock Park, visited a few downtown antique shops, made a quick stop by a pumpkin patch with giant pumpkins, spent some time at the arcades of Dave and Busters (again, Connor’s new favorite place), ate up a lot and spent lots of time chatting away. I will share more pictures this week. I am also pretty excited because we finished their interviews for our genealogy book we are making, so just one step closer! Now we have some additional work to do for that.

It always seems that when it’s just me and Connor hanging out, the weekends fly by, but when family visits, time slows down a bit, even though we become busier than ever, trying to cram so much into such little time. Then it always makes me sad when Sunday rolls around, because that means it’s time to say goodbye again, and then back to the work week. The good news is, hopefully the house hunting will start back up in the next week or two! Does life ever slow down?

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  1. Good luck with the house hunting! I don’t envy you — but hope it goes well :)


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