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Lacking Inspiration | The Urban Pig

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I still have this guilty feeling for missing last Friday’s post, despite if people even realized it. Maybe it’s because it is the first time I unintentionally missed one. Things continue to be crazy around here and time is flying by so quickly, but I am slowly starting to get a grip and catch up, one day at a time.

Our home approval could take up to another month to complete, but I am sort of relieved to take that pressure off and have a little break. It will give me some time to focus on each day and accomplish some other goals I have been setting. Switching things around will, I hope, bring life to new ideas and inspiration. I feel like I have been lacking that for a while now. Hopefully a change of pace will help. What do you do to get inspired? Here are a few things I am working on:

– Cookbook: We are still seeking out and trying new recipes while I compile them into a book. Connor and I love to cook together, and there is nothing better than a good meal after a long day. To see some recipes we have found, you can check out my Food board on Pinterest. If you have a great recipe or food board, share in the comments!

– Genealogy Book: Another book I am working on is for family history of both myself and Connor. This includes our family trees, recorded interviews of family members, and more. It’s a lot of work, but it has been so interesting to learn about our roots. This project has been sitting on the back burner for about a month now, but I hope to get back on it soon.

– DIY Projects: Currently working on an ottoman made from an old tire, an idea found on Pinterest, of course. It’s almost complete, but my hands are black and it won’t wash off. Working on this project has gotten me in the mood for more crafting. Again, you can check out some other awesome ideas on my Pinterest DIY board, and share if you have one as well!

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  1. Sound like you been very busy. You have many things going that hold your interest and occupy your mind. While at times you may find this overwhelming it is better than the opposite. Enjoy your blog very much.

    • I totally agree! What my husband sees as “work,” I find enjoyable. I like to keep busy. I am glad you like the blog! I just took a peek at yours and noticed you do genealogy work, too. I will have to dig a little more on your blog when I get the chance!

  2. sound like some thoughtful and meaningful projects you have going on there . . . no guilt lady, just enjoy the ride whenever you can! i’m working on taking on own advice on that one.

    • After working the last few nights even after work hours, I am having a nice night just relaxing. Sometimes we just need a change in perspective to realize we don’t always need a million things going on :)


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