Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday | The Urban PigRemember at the beginning of the week how I wrote about Moving Forward and making changes in life to the things I am unsatisfied with? I have been thinking a lot more about this idea. I started by writing a list (oh, lists) of things I want to change and things I want to do, and for each item, I brainstormed ways of making it happen. It provided a lot of clarity on the specific things causing me stress, unhappiness, etc. It allowed me to pinpoint these items exactly and focus on ways in my power that I can do to make them better. Since writing this list, I have started making those changes, and although it still takes some patience for each aspect to work itself out, I feel more in control of each situation (which always helps) and it feels nice going back to the goal-setting and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Example A: This whole home-buying thing. Totally stressing me out. Mainly because we aren’t finding our dream home. Typical first-time home buyers, I know. So this morning, we re-organized priorities and really talked each thing out. We came up with this awesome idea of a weighted point system, so when we see a house we like, we can basically “score” it according to our criteria we came up with, and it will help us be a little more objective on such an emotional process. I get attached to things too quickly, so this is what I need to guide us in our decisions. I might share this rubric we created at a later time. We will see how it works, first!

Anyway, looking at each item in my life individually rather than being stressed out about life as a whole has helped so much. I just wanted to update you all on that, and maybe you will find it helpful to break things down and build them up as well. In the meantime, we stopped yesterday to celebrate Connor’s birthday at Dave and Busters. He was so excited to have not just one, but two in Colorado, especially coming from a town where they played the commercials, but didn’t have a location anywhere near us. He wants to make it a birthday tradition. Even I will admit, it was a pretty fun place. Good food, fun games, good service. Can’t be beat!

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