Anthropologie Goodies

Anthropologie Goodies | The Urban Pig

I have been wanting to share some of the fun things I got for my “birthday.” Technically, I had already gotten my birthday present (Connor took me to IKEA where I got a large art print, Euro pillows and covers, and a small rug with a promise that I would throw away the ones he hates). We were shopping at the Park Meadows mall in Centennial and I was so thrilled that they had an Anthropologie store, and I found these amazing things, but I felt really guilty buying them until Connor convinced me again that I could have them for my birthday. I had to go with it, because the goodies I found just spoke to me! Anyway, on to the goods…

Anthropologie Goodies | The Urban Pig

This book first caught my eye in the store with its pretty colors on the cover, and I continued to see the attractive photography and layouts as I flipped through the the pages. I have already read over half, and I am excited to read it again once we move into our own place. This is my second book from Anthropologie, and I have been overly pleased with both.

Anthropologie Goodies | The Urban Pig

Anthropologie Goodies | The Urban Pig

This page totally gave me Autumn fever. This week I was also told about a place you can go in the Fall and bike ride through beautiful trails with colorful leaves surrounding you the whole way. Definitely going to find this place!

Anthropologie Goodies | The Urban Pig

I found this little brass bunny door knocker with all of the door knobs, they also had an adorable Octopus coat hanger. But I had to fall in love with the bunny, of course because Connor calls me “bunny” because of the way I twitch my nose, but also I love bunnies. I had one as a child, and I want one again! I can’t wait to hang this guy up on our front door when we buy a house!

Anthropologie Goodies | The Urban Pig

Anthropologie Goodies | The Urban Pig

So the best part of all of this was when I went to check out. I knew the items were a bit of a splurge compared to my normal shopping, but because it was the month of my birthday, when I signed up for one of their store cards, I got 15% off. Score! It was meant to be! On another note, I also got a sewing machine from Connor’s mom, and I am dying to start a project. Any tips on easy projects for beginners?

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  1. Grandma JoAn

     /  09/06/2013

    Love the bunny. When I read sewing machine, I translated it to “swing machine”. I thought. ” That is easy. You hang it up and push with your feet!
    Glad you had such a fun BD


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