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I have felt a little disconnected from my little bloggy the last few weeks, as things around my life have been crazy busy and a bit overwhelming. The days have flown by and sometimes I feel like I can hardly catch a breath. I write a post so quickly, but I have been missing out on the other parts of blogging that I love so much — the connection with each post, the inspiration I receive from reading other blogger’s posts, the creative feelings and excitement that comes with each idea.

Today, I have been considering how I can change the way things are, in such a broad sense. The little things, like my blog, which somehow adds up to so much happiness. The big things, like having a place Connor and I can make into a home, which is such a sense of security and personality. And all the things between the big and little. I am looking on how I can be living my life to the fullest, rather being dragged by my limbs through each passing day. I feel inspired to take control of life, to grab the bull by the horns! What that means for my future to come, I am not sure, but I am done being patient, and ready to take action.

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  1. I love the attitude — it’s all about perspective.

  2. Good for you! The first step to having the best life you can is to stop waiting for something to happen to you.

    My fave quote, from the awesomely awkward Andy Warhol – They say time changes things, but actually, you have to change them yourself.


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