Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday | The Urban PigWell, as of yesterday, I’m 22 now. Dang! People are going to laugh and be like, “you are still so young!” Of course, I always have been the baby of my friends, up until I met Connor. Always the youngest in school, last to get my license, all that stuff. But now, I feel so stinkin’ old. Time is catching up to me. My youth is getting further and further away. My young and reckless years have faded. Every day behind me is a thing of the past. Every day in front of me is my future, and as one of my supervisors told me, “youthfulness is in your head.” It’s true. I do adult things, like the process we are going through to buy a house, I work each day to make money, I pay bills. But, despite feeling older by numbers, I still feel young at heart. I still have such a strong desire to adventure, to play, to make changes in my life. I don’t see myself being a person that says, “I wish I could have done this or that.” Connor and I tend to act on our dreams, and I think anyone can do these things, no matter their age or stage in life. So my question to you is not, “what would you have done differently,” but rather, “will you choose to act on your dreams and wishes?

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