Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams | The Urban PigWhen life hands you lemons…

Sometimes it can be hard to give up something good for something that is unforeseen. How do you know if something in the future, when you don’t even know what that something will be, will be better than what you have going for you now? Because if you stay true to yourself and seek what you are after, it will be better. If you follow your heart, demand that your goals become achievements, and never settle for anything less than your most precious dreams, then I can assure you that when life hands you lemons, you will make some darn good lemonade. I promise.

I know things will all work out some how. I am not yet sure what my lemonade will be, but I think it will be worth it.

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  1. Sounds like you’re going through a lot! Good luck with everything and know all us little bogger’s are here to help :)

    • I was faced with making a decision about my future and career, I am very passionate about design and technical drawing, and it has been difficult to find a job that offers me that. But I am learning to keep trying and not to settle for less. When I find something, it will be worth it!

      Thank you for your support!

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