Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday | The Urban Pig

This week has been fairly uneventful but nevertheless we are making progress in our move. Connor and I are both working now, and I got my drivers license transferred, my name legally changed, and our vehicles insured and titled with some pretty sweet license plates! Everything definitely feels like new, and it is kind of refreshing. The only thing we really have left is to find an apartment to rent or a house to buy, depending on the results of our finances. I am so anxious for that. We weren’t really expecting to purchase property, but rent is higher than we expected so it sort of makes financial sense if it all works out. If it does, I would be so excited! Plus, I am just really looking forward to my parents visiting and bringing all of our stuff. This whole transition was pretty spur of the moment that Connor and I literally shared one suitcase of clothes, and he actually packed more clothes than me. I thought it would be maybe a few weeks that we would be without our belongings, but it’s been more than that, and I am getting kind of tired of wearing the same 3 shirts…seriously.

Despite all that, it sort of made me think about the different moves we have made in my life and how much your belongings can be of comfort. I hated Pullman when we first moved there, but once we started decorating our apartment, it really felt like home and I enjoyed it. Plus, it was our very first place, so that made it kind of fun! Here in Colorado, it has been quite the opposite. I loved it here right from the beginning, and besides a few minor things I forgot to bring that I really needed, my belongings haven’t meant as much as they used to. Although there is sometimes a comfort in our things, there is something equally as comforting about living with the minimum. I like that.

I might continue to ponder this concept when we do eventually receive our belongings. Do I really need as much stuff as we have? Should two people really have an entire moving trailer to haul the stuff they have needlessly accumulated? I want to live more with less, that shouldn’t be so hard, right?

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