Inspiring Person: Susannah Conway

susannah conway[photo by susannah conway]

If you don’t already receive “Love Letters” from Susannah Conway, you should probably go to her website right now and sign up. Last week, I received one in my inbox shortly after waking up. I opened it and she talked about The Permission Slip, and all of the things you have permission to do; the things you may feel bad doing but will help you in the end. I know me, personally, face some of these challenges, so it was very refreshing to see that other people have the same problems, and that I have “permission” to remove these problems from my life. She also talked about being self-aware of your triggers and understanding why they are causing you to have a reaction. After reading that e-mail, I found myself thinking about it throughout the day, and the following week.

I tried to practice thinking about my triggers as they happened. I tried to understand why certain things or certain people made me feel different ways (annoyed, angry, upset, jealous, whatever). Most importantly, I tried to understand peoples’ individuality and realize no one is perfect, but everyone deserves respect and compassion. I thought back to my high school days or even recent times when I have looked down on people for whatever silly reason (they were nerdy, they wore weird clothes, blah blah blah). I realized that no matter how different they are from me, they were still humans with feelings and dreams. I thought of my college days, where sometimes people could be so mean to me for whatever silly reason. I realized that as much as it hurt, I could control my reactions and choose how it would, or wouldn’t effect me. Because I was still a human with feelings and dreams, too. Compassion can be hard. In the time we live in, people are always judging us just as we judge others. I am trying to do better at that, both by showing compassion to them, and myself, when I find those triggers in my life that are bringing me down. I am also learning that by having compassion, sometimes, those triggers don’t phase me as much.

I always look forward to the letters from Susannah. She expands my mind to think about things I have never thought of, she opens my eyes to see others and myself in a different light. I can only hope that someday I will have the wisdom that she does! Thank you Susannah for sending me love and knowledge!

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  1. Grandma JoAn

     /  08/02/2013

    Shaleesa, You inspire me!!!


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