Newlywed Edition: Planning an Anniversary

Newlywed Edition: Planning an Anniversary | The Urban Pig

One of the new features on the blog is the Newlywed Edition, and the first post was about managing money as a couple. In that post, I had said something about having our ups and downs financially as well as making sacrifices. To sort of connect back to that, I wanted to talk about a sacrifice we are currently making. As most of you know, we made a quick and unexpected move to Colorado (which we are loving, by the way) just a few weeks ago. We hadn’t really planned ahead and all of those little moving costs really add up fast with things you don’t always think about (such as fees for getting a new driver’s license, gas for job-searching, etc.) Even though we aren’t starving thanks to our amazing friends who are providing a roof over our heads and food in our mouths, we are still strapped for cash (yet another tip for managing money — try as hard as you can to not take money out of your savings accounts). Also, we sort of forgot how quick-approaching our anniversary was, and now just a few weeks away, we still don’t have anything planned, nor will we have a whole lot of money to do something all newlywed-honeymoonish-loveydovey style. I guess that is one of the sacrifices we are making for us to move from our hometown and start a new adventure in beautiful Colorado. But not all is lost (obviously)! I am determined that we will still celebrate big on just a little, and today I am sharing with you my ideas for how to do just that.

Presents are always sweet, but if you remember, at the end of my previous newlywed edition post, I said how an experience is usually much more memorable and important than a gift. Although, I do have fond memories of what seemed like hundreds of teddy bears that had collected over the years that my dad had given my mom each anniversary. For me, I am setting a rule that on Connor and my anniversaries, gifts will not be given (unless it’s a special anniversary like #50 and he wants to get me another ring or something, hint hint). Instead, we will spend time together, whether we spend $10 or $1000 or whatever the price may be, it will be used for an experience, a date where we have quality time to enjoy each other’s company and remember why we got married in the first place. Want to know an interesting fact? When I first started dating Connor, he was couch-surfing at friends house and eating top ramen, so clearly I did not marry him for money and presents. Despite the lack of money, we had the best times by just going to the park or swimming at the river or watching tv, really. Sometimes, we just had movie nights at home (he even let me watch all chick flicks and paint my nails) which all that literally cost us nothing, except on the special occasion where we would buy a few new movies from the $5 clearance bins at the store.

Maybe one day we will take a big vacation to somewhere tropical or somewhere with history, but currently we are in a place that is still so new to us and has so much left to be explored. We might as well take advantage of this opportunity now, and thankfully, there are so many fun things to do which are inexpensive or free, like our adventure to Rock Park. This has given me one of my ideas for our anniversary, which is to enjoy the outdoors. Lately, the weather has been absolutely beautiful, warm and sunny, so I think it would be perfect to go on a hike and take a picnic, enjoy each other and nature. I have also missed the days when I used to take horseback riding lessons with my cousin, so maybe a trail ride could be fun. It has been a long time since either Connor or I have rode horses, and I think a big part of growing together is learning together, whether it is something you have never done, or something you haven’t done in a long long time.

Whatever the activity may be, you should always consider each others ideas. When Connor started ice skating to prepare to play hockey, more than anything he just wanted me to get out on the ice with him. I was terrified to do this because I literally hadn’t skated since I was really young, and even then I held on to the wall with my tightest grip and still fell all the time. Ice skating was really not something I wanted to do. But, it meant a lot to Connor, so last winter I finally did it. And…it wasn’t bad! I didn’t fall, but a lot of that was thanks to Connor helping me and holding me up. Sometimes you learn together, and sometimes you teach each other.

And sometimes, you eat together. Connor and I love food. I have always been a really picky person, but I have gotten so much better over the years as I have been introduced and exposed to new foods. One thing that is really cool about Colorado is how many different restaurants they have. So many varieties of food and tastes and styles, we may have to start a list of restaurants we want to try! All of them range in price, from cheap to spendy. I think eating and trying new foods can be another great date/anniversary idea, because again, you learn new things about each other. Even after three years of dating and (almost) one year of marriage, I am still learning what Connor likes and doesn’t like (grapes). I believe it is important to continue taking interest in each other, growing and expanding our horizons together, and all of that requires spending time together.

Have you had a great date or anniversary? Tell me your ideas!!

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  1. Kristina Nielsen

     /  07/30/2013

    You are so cute Shaleesa(: I love your posts!


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