Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday | The Urban Pig

Isn’t he the cutest? My friend here in Colorado dog-sits this little guy, and she has brought him over on occasion to play. We all fight over cuddling with him, and after seeing his face after a day at work, who wouldn’t? Everyone (but me) has been busy busy with their jobs and Connor is loving his new job. Everyone is very friendly and he is just happy to be working on cars again. People at his work aren’t the only friendly faces around, though. I am seriously blown away by the amazing customer service we get everywhere we go. Stores, restaurants, banks, you name it. Normally, Connor and I seem to get really bad service; I don’t know if it is our age or what, but there shouldn’t be an excuse for that. I remember when we saved up all our money to buy wedding rings, and as we shopped around the mall at the different jewelry stores, many workers ignored us or seemed to just not care (thinking we weren’t serious) or many offered almost immediately their loan services (which was a little rude, I thought). After getting awful service just about everywhere, we went to one last store and got much-needed happy and non-judgmental service. We found rings we loved and you know what? We paid in cash the full amount. That will teach those other places to stop judging people or blowing them off as non-customers. Anyway, I went to the bank the other day (and many other places, including the department of licensing, which those are usually the worst, grumpy people) and felt like I was being treated like I was their best friend. It literally made my day. I walked out of the bank and drove home in the best mood. I like it!

Even though we have kept busy, we have had lots of time to play, too. There was a block party at the park with lots of desserts and chatting. Even though some of the cities are bigger here, I feel like each one still has such a strong sense of community. There is always something to do, whether it is in your neighborhood or a nearby town. I hope these good vibrations continue into this next week, I will need them!

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