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Truly, I have been soo excited to get a new planner for the last few months that I have been approaching the end on mine. And now that it is time for me to get one (I have less than a week left), there are no good-looking ones to be found. Seriously!? I considered the option to make my own, and with all this free time on my hands I still might, but I need to hurry and do one thing or the other because I feel so lost without the ability to plan my weeks and jot down ideas and notes. It’s funny how sometimes we don’t realize the habits we have until we are forced to give them up.

There is also something about having that paper right in front of you, and scratching off tasks after they have completed. It is oddly fulfilling to me. When I found myself in this planner predicament, I considered switching to a digital calendar on my phone or computer, but it just didn’t feel right for me. Call me old-fashioned, but I am the same way when it comes to reading books (none of those e-books for me).

I loved the example in the picture above. The use of plywood offers a great texture and focal point, although I am not sure how well the sticky notes would stay. I also need something a little bit more portable! Either way, it’s a great inspiration piece and maybe I will still consider it as an option for an at-home calendar. How do you organize your dates and tasks and thoughts?

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  1. We definitely need more creative calendar options to choose from that aren’t digital. I need that paper and pen option to cross off. It’s just not the same clicking on delete. Just went through the same predicament with my calendar since mine ended in June. This is a serious matter! Lol. Seriously! Good luck in finding the perfect planner :)


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