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Goodbye, Little Town | The Urban Pig

The day has finally come! Our apartment lease ends today, so this week Connor and I headed back to Pullman to box up all of our junk, clean like maniacs, then get outta there! Pullman has been a good little home for us over the last year, but we are so ready for a change, and hopefully a big one is in store for us. One thing I will always love and remember about Pullman is the landscape. Acres and acres of farmland that change every inch of your surroundings through the seasons, it is absolutely beautiful and never gets old to see. As much as I will appreciate our last drive to and from, I am so excited to move forward and on to the next place.

Now, Connor and I are really going to work on planning our next steps. The last few weeks have probably been the most “free” as I have ever been, in a really long time. Many of you know how much of a planner I am. We joke that Connor “goes with the flow” and I “plan his flow.” At least we are balanced. However, recently we have just been all over the place sort of scrambling for our future plans. We have lots of ideas but we just need some execution and final decision making at this point. I have confidence that whatever is meant to be will work itself out, but we also need to make a good effort.

It has been pretty hard to be patient during this time because I have anticipated this milestone for so long and I am ready to see it all come together. I am calming my anxiousness with some big projects that we finally have the time and space to complete them, so in the coming weeks, check back for some fun diy stuff!

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