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Since Last Sunday | The Urban Pig

I have great news! Yesterday, after a day full of nerves and a pounding heart, I took the hardest test of my life and passed with great results! For the LEED Green Associate exam, I got 190/200 and I couldn’t be more relieved! I went through all sorts of emotions through the duration of the test, from feeling confident to feeling like I was going to fail. I could hardly believe my eyes when I pushed the “end” button with three minutes left on my clock, seeing that score just felt like the rest of my goals and hopes for job-searching are within reach.

The LEED Green Associate is a really important certification because it begins the process of being efficient and knowledgeable about green and sustainable design. With continuing education and experience, a Green Associate can take additional tests to become a LEED Accredited Professional, which are often the people streamlining the process for projects to become LEED certified and they are also much more involved in the designs. I hope to someday hold this title.

Throughout this process of studying and learning about sustainable design, there has definitely been a change in my personal thoughts about how I feel about being “green.” Before, I often had a negative attitude about how much recycling a few cans could really do, or if a bucket full of rainwater used to water your plants is really going to save the aquifer. However, after learning about each of these things and so much more with a fuller and broader knowledge, my outlook has changed and I really feel like doing our part can help, even if it is just a little bit. And, some of the simplest things (like recycling or collecting rainwater) can make some of the biggest impacts!

I look forward to incorporating some of the things I have learned into my life, and sharing some of this knowledge with you! Do you live green? What are your thoughts about this sustainable movement? Why do you choose or choose not to include it in your life? I would love to hear what you think!

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