Are You My Home?

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Despite the need for me to be studying for my upcoming (as in, tomorrow) LEED Green Associate test, half of my brain is just distracted by thoughts of a future home. Connor and I made the fun and exciting mistake of going to an open showing of a cute and colorful house while we were in Bremerton, and since then, I just haven’t been able to get the thing out of my head. Mostly, it’s just the desire to have a more permanent place, and one that we can truly call our own. Now of course, Connor and I don’t plan on buying a house for at least a few more years unless by some miracle something happens. But now after all these feelings I have, it is going to make it even harder to wait for the time to come. Our move-out date for the apartment is the end of next week, so we have been talking a lot about our next steps, and it hasn’t been easy!

We have been living on our own for close to a year now, but until we have a more stable plan for our future (like, where that future will take place), we will be moving back to our family in Spokane. This is hard for both Connor and I, because we have lived there our whole lives and don’t see Spokane as where we want to be, but it is also where most of our family is. It is a bittersweet situation but we have pretty much made the decision that we won’t stay there for long. We just have to figure out where we are going.

In the meantime, I need to focus on the baby steps, and viewing each small thing I do as a step toward that big shiny goal of buying a house. And that means, I need to keep studying for my test tomorrow, pass it, add the accomplishment to my resume, then start that whole job-hunting thing. I’m finding it much easier to stay on track when I look at the big picture and how my actions effect my future. (Didn’t my parents teach me this when I was a kid? They always were right.) I feel a goal-setting session coming on!

What tips do you have when setting goals or prioritizing? Or, if you have ever had to move away from your family or hometown, how did you get comfortable in a new place? I would love to hear your ideas!

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