Bremerton | The Urban Pig

Bremerton | The Urban Pig

Connor and I have been doing a lot of exploring the last few days, and a big part of this is trying to figure out the next steps of our life since finishing school in Pullman. “What should we do?” and “where should we live?” are questions which have been reoccurring  in our lives recently, and the only way to really find an answer is to try things out and see what happens. Whatever is meant to happen, will happen, and although having patience can be difficult, it is usually this process of learning and discovering which is the best experience in retrospect.

Until these questions are answered, we will do our best to enjoy the process, and so today I bring you a few more pictures from our mini-vacay. Just some snapshots of the little town of Bremerton and surrounding areas! Remember, you can always see more over on Instagram!

Bremerton | The Urban Pig

Bremerton | The Urban Pig

Bremerton | The Urban Pig

Bremerton | The Urban Pig

All of this coastal lovin’ inspired me to get a piece of my own. Connor and I picked up this super cute whale soap dish from World Market and it gives me little butterflies when I see it! I love having those happy kinds of things around the house to make you smile. Anyway, we head back home tomorrow! Have a great week everyone, and remember, the journey is often more important than the destination :)

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  1. You got that right! It is the adventure and journey that leads to the destination and what builds and defines our character. So fun watching your journey unfold.


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