DIY Hanging Driftwood


Today is Connor’s last day of work which means just a few weeks left before we are moving out of Pullman and starting our next adventure. At this point, we still aren’t sure if we will be going back to Spokane where our families live or following our curiosity to a new place. Since I have always been a planner, I never thought I would hear myself say that I don’t know what I will be doing or where we will be living in two weeks, but it has been kind of nice to take a break from the planning and stress that can come from big decisions like those.

In the mean time, Connor and I are taking a little break from Pullman and heading to Seattle and Bremerton for the weekend. I am super excited to have some exploration time and entertainment, and Connor is too considering how long he has been working without a vacation.

Anyway, the last time I went to Seattle, my parents and I took a walk through Discovery Park down to the beach, where I collected some driftwood. So today, I am bringing you a quick and simple DIY project for the weekend which offers a little coastal lovin. Enjoy!

After collecting your wood pieces, you just need to drill holes in the center to the size that will fit twine or string. Knot the end of your twine and start sliding the twine through the holes in the wood. If you want spaces between sections of the wood, tie knots in the desired locations. Once you have the wood placed, knot the end of the twine and hang! Easy :)







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  1. I want one! Maybe while you are out adventuring this weekend you can find more driftwood 😃😊

    Enjoy your break and spoil yourselves!

    • I will see if there is any at the coast on Bremerton. Connor said he used to make these all the time when he was little and spending time at Ocean Shores.


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