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Since Last Sunday | The Urban Pig

This week Connor and I started some genealogy research for his family, and what began as a frustrating search and coming out empty-handed, less than two days later, we have over 1000 family members in our tree, some which go back to the 900’s! It has been a goal of ours to build a genealogy book after I learned of some of my history and how my ancestors traveled here from Germany. Hearing the stories of their ventures, I felt such a strong connection to people I had never met. I was so grateful for their sacrifices and what legacies they left for their future grandchildren. I felt like I knew them, and I became so proud of who they are. After this experience, I knew that I wanted to continue researching my relatives and my background, and Connor wanted to do the same for his family.

We used a few different websites, but after starting a free trial on, we immediately started getting results after inputting just a few names. This was shocking considering many of Connor’s relatives used alternate names or lacked family relationships, making it hard to even know their names or where they lived and died. We were so excited once we were getting the results. It turns out, Connor is a little less native than he thought, and a lot more French and Canadian! He even has some royal connections way back in the day, which is super cool.

Over the last few days, we have spent the majority of our time researching and checking leaf hints, but the hard work is paying off. I am super excited to start looking at my side of the family, and eventually building a genealogy book together. We just need to figure out how to compile everything! It has been really fun working on this together.

If you have done any family research, what tips or advice do you have that worked well for you? What interesting things did you find about your families?

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