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When I first started the interior design program at school, I pretty much knew the direction I wanted to take once I earned my degree. I thought doing commercial design (restaurants, retail stores, schools, hospitals, etc.) while working for a large firm was exactly what I wanted. However, over the 4-5 years of my education, I was exposed to many potential opportunities whitin my field that I could also pursue. I could design textiles, furniture or other products, I could write for an interior design magazine, I could work for a bigger cause like Habitat for Humanity, and so many other possibilities. I considered many of these options, but never settled on one. I had time and I knew what was meant to happen would happen when the time was right. Now it’s time.

It’s time for me to hunt down the career that will begin my chapter two. I have a few leads that I need to look closer at before I make a decision. Each of them have something different to offer and each one is nothing like the others. I am excited to search for the place where I fit. But truly, I think I could be happy and learn something no matter where I end up. I am so thrilled to be starting my career, but it is sort of strange to remove the “student” part from my title.

I can’t wait to get started. Connor has supported us financially for the last year since I got laid off, so I am happy to work again and contribute to our bank account. Hopefully this means a house is in our future! We enjoy setting goals together, and I look forward to start working on our financial ones. This new chapter begins my life as a grown up and all those things that come with it! I never really thought of myself as an adult before, even though I passed the age of 18 and now have passed the age of 21. But graduating college, that was sort of my marker. What was yours?

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  1. Welcome to adulthood! It’s a great place in life to be a contributing member of society. You will love it!


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