Chapter Two

chapter two | the urban pigI feel like my whole life is ahead of me right now. I know it always has been, but since finishing school, that new beginning is the here and now — it’s tangible. It is sort of like a fresh slate. I have accomplished what has been a huge goal of mine for a really long time, and now that it is done, I can begin to carve and define a new path with new goals and directions.

Connor is in a similar position as well. Although he has been done with school for a few years, he will be choosing a new job when we move from Pullman to wherever it is we are going. I know he is just as excited that I am done with school. The long days in class and heavy workloads and study sessions has taken its toll on both of us. It will be so nice for us to have a similar schedule; working during the day and evenings spent together doing whatever we please.

Having that free time is such a change to what I have been living for the last four years. Most college students work hard and play harder, but I rarely seemed to have that luxury. I never found myself with time to spare. What will I do with all my time now? I have always had many hobbies to explore — refurbishing old finds, writing, painting, photography, crafts, camping and being outdoors, motorcycling, traveling, reading, and more. But I have also found myself thinking of  the endless possibilities of things I can learn or try, like sewing, pottery, or crocheting.

Connor and I have been going through Susannah Conway’s work book of “Unravelling” 2013. Yes, I am just now getting to it (I think it is supposed to be a New Year’s thing). In this book, you are asked to choose a word for the year. My word is play. And I plan on using this year to do just that. I pretty much have all the freedom I need to decide what I want to do with my time. So, where to begin?

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