Since Last Sunday

Since Last Sunday | The Urban PigThis week has been crazy on the blog with all the posts for Europe so I am finally getting around to sharing a few pictures from last weekend when we went camping for Memorial Day. It was a last minute decision because Connor got the day off, so we went to Spokane for the weekend and then were invited to go camping with his mom and stepdad and their two puppies at their property in Twin Lakes. The first day was a little chilly, especially at night, but the second day was beautiful, the sun shining bright.

Since Last Sunday | The Urban Pig

We did lots of relaxing on the dock with the puppies while the neighbors fished (and caught some big rainbow trout), and Connor and his stepdad Michael took out the new kayaks. Connor and I took them out the next day; they were really fun to use but definitely an arm workout, which I am not used to. The thing I love about this lake is there is hardly any development, allowing wildlife to be very dominant and visible. While kayaking, we saw lots of huge birds, especially bald eagles. One even flew in front of the dock and swooped up a fish, right in front of us! It was so cool to see nature in action.

Since Last Sunday | The Urban Pig

Since Last Sunday | The Urban Pig

It was the pups’ second time at the lake so they still had so much to be curious about. They were very interested in the fish that were caught and they played near the water a lot, but didn’t go in all the way (it is still really cold). We took a few walks in the area and spent a lot of time around the camp fire and making s’mores.

Since Last Sunday | The Urban Pig

It was a great weekend getaway, especially because Connor and I have been wanting to go camping for a while now. The weather is finally warming up and the camping season is on its way! Meanwhile, we are back in Pullman for this weekend, relaxing and hanging out. My computer has been fighting a virus, so I have been trying to get that fixed this week, too. Wish me luck!

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