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since last sunday via the urban pig[getting lost in Discovery Park in Seattle]

Hey all, can’t believe I am posting this so late again. I am starting to see a trend with myself of delayed Sunday posts. The problem is when we are out of town for the weekend, Sunday is usually a travel day, making it hard to work on my computer without internet connection. I know I could use my phone, but I don’t feel the same connecting with my blog that way. Silly, maybe. This last week was great, though. I have been extremely busy being lost in Seattle over the weekend, I look forward to sharing more pictures with you on Tuesday of all the little adventures I had with my parents. Lots of work and studying happened, too, because I have a final history test tomorrow. I have a feeling this week will be a bit of a whirlwind, being my last week of school, ever. Here is a little run down of what I am facing!

So, in addition to turning in final projects, presentations, and studying for tests, last week we also found quite a bit of mold in our apartment. Unfortunately, it ruined a good amount of our things, including furniture, clothes, and bedding. Connor and I both have had scratchy throats and itchy eyes, so it’s all making sense for the reasoning why that has happened, and it has been making me a bit worried about our health and the possible unseen things in our walls and floors. We have been working with the apartment manager to move out of the unit immediately, so hopefully that gets worked out this next week. It’s not the best timing, considering it is finals week and all, but it could have been worse, and I’d rather get out now rather than wait until more items get ruined or we get more sick. Bummer, for sure. I was planning on doing an apartment tour of our first place at the end of our lease, but…that probably won’t happen now. Boxing things up left and right!

It’s time to take one more deep breath before next week starts, and then make a run for the finish line! Less than six days until graduation…wish me luck! Have a good week.

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