A Planning Experiment

Shaleesa & Connor by Zach Mather's Photography via the Urban Pig

Most people know that I’m a planner. I would like to have an idea of what’s coming next and I like things to be a little predictable. Some of you might be thinking, “where is te fun in that?” I would argue it’s the anticipation of waiting for a particular thing to get closer and finally happen. For example, our wedding. I thought the months of planning were the most exciting part! Connor worked his butt off to save every penny, and every time we went to the bank to deposit a check, we were thrilled to look at the receipt of how much we had saved. Of course, the wedding was awesome, but the months before that we spent working together to prepare everything was especially rewarding.

I see examples in my life where planning worked in my favor (like the wedding) and where it didn’t (the honeymoon). What was I thinking to go all OCD on planning a schedule for a honeymoon in Hawaii? This just sounds crazy to me, now. I wish Connor would have taken and torn up that dumb daily schedule, complete with time slots for the things we would do, the places we would go, where we would eat, and not to mention the exact directions to every single place and the time it would take to get there. I really don’t think I was a bridezilla, but I do think I took my bottled up control issues of planning and exploded it into that schedule, multiple pages nicely stapled together.

Don’t get me wrong, we still had fun! We got to see and do a lot of things. There were many times we did say “forget about the schedule, let’s do this instead,” but many times we didn’t say that when we should have. Anyway, all of this leads up to a little experiment, which happens to be taking place on my next trip – Europe with my mom in approximately 2 weeks. This “experiment” consists of me trying not to be a control freak in the planning process. To plan like that in Europe might just be ridiculous. So far, so good, I haven’t gone crazy with planning, and although I feel like I’m forgetting things, it is also a bit exhilerating to think of the freedom we will have. I plan because I want to feel like I have things under control, but I want to learn to live life in the moment as well. I don’t think you can learn that without getting thrown into it.

Europe seemes like a good place to do that, don’t you think?

Come back on Friday and I will be sharing a little more about how I’ve gone about planning (or not planning) the details of our trip to Europe!

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  1. Love your blog! Take a look around mine, maybe something will spark your interest and you’ll subscribe! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

    • I just subscribed! I will get back to you hopefully over this coming week about the sponsor and buttons. Thank you for the feedback!

      • Sounds great! Thanks so much! :)

      • Sorry to bug you, haha but I just wanted to know how you subscribed? I’ve been having issues with it lately. Just wondering what method you used

        • Hey! I used the follow button in the bottom right corner and entered an email address. I just went to my inbox and confirmed it, so it should have gone through now!

          • Oh great! It’s been all weird lately. Thanks for that :P

            • No problem! I noticed you don’t have the “wordpress” part in your UrL, is it because you pay for your site? Or are you still through wordpress?

              • Yeah, I pay for my site. I was on wordpress for a while but started getting a lot of followers pretty quick and I wanted to customize my site so I just payed for my own :P

                • Ok, I see. Yeah, for now I feel like I’m fine. But there are a few gadgets I would like to have, so maybe eventually I will work toward that. I still have a baby blog for now :)

                  • Yours is super cute though. I was looking through it (I’m not a stalker, promise :P ) and I love the template!

                    • Haha, well thanks! I appreciate it. I work on it when I can, but I hope to dedicate more time once I finish school (I graduate next Saturday)! Doing the sponsor buttons with you is definitely a step, and maybe we can work together on some other things, as well!

                    • Congrats on graduating :)
                      That would be awesome. I’ve been trying to find bloggers to partner up with and stuff to help promote each other’s blogs. Do you have a twitter account?

                    • I do, I use it once in a while. Still kind of figuring it all out! You can find me at https://twitter.com/ShaleesaMize. I think I just followed you on there, too. I will e-mail you this week!

                    • Great! Sounds good, girl :)

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